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Some of the cameras we have for sale

Dual Battery Charger for Nikon EN-EL15 Battery Product Image

Some of the camera battery chargers which we have for sale

Replacement Canon LP-E6N Battery Product Image

Some of the camera batteries we have for sale

Some of the consumables we have for sale

Some of the audio equipment we have for sale

Some of the used equipment we have for sale

Some of the lighting equipment we have for sale

Some of the production accessories we have for sale

Some of the photographic equipment we have for sale

Cam-A-Lot Broadcast and Production Equipment Sales!

We do our best to maintain accurate pricing, but a variety of factors are beyond our control. Prices are a guideline only, pricing is linked to supply and the exchange rate and may therefore vary. Errors and Omissions Excepted, please email for an official quote.

If you are interested in buying gear to make your productions a little easier, we may be able to help. We can supply a range of Broadcast and Video Production Equipment for sale. We are going to be adding products so check back often to see what we have on offer. The equipment for sale has been divided into categories to make it easier to sort through the range of products.

  • Camera Sales: A range of Sony and Panasonic camcorders for sale to suit your particular production needs.
  • Audio Sales: Microphones, headphones and recorders for sale for getting the sound recorded at the best quality possible.
  • Lighting Sales: A range of LED Panels and LED kits for powerful and portable lighting every shoot needs.
  • Consumables: All your production essentials available in one place, gaffer tape and dust-off, bulbs and blowers here.
  • Photographic Sales: Photographic strobe light kits so you can create amazing images with versatile setups.
  • Used Equipment Sales: Equipment that is of a high quality and a reduced resale price for great value.
  • Production Equipment Sales: A range of tripods from Camgear as well as on camera monitors for sale.

Cam-A-Lot is growing, and so is the list of items we sell.

Here are some of the brands we supply.

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