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Welcome to Duracell Camera Batteries and Chargers South Africa

Duracell is the world’s market leader in batteries with a long and proud history in producing power solutions that are synonymous with reliability and trusted performance.

With our comprehensive range of digital Camera batteries and Chargers built to these very same high standards, you are assured of a product that reflects exceptional quality and the performance you have come to expect from this respected brand over the decades.

Ideal for…

  • Add additional batteries to your camera for those extended photoshoots.
  • Replace your old or damaged batteries and chargers at an affordable price.
  • Get your old equipment operational again with some fresh Duracell power.

Our battery chargers are compatible with your camera’s original battery as well as your new Duracell batteries. Choose from the option of a single battery, lightweight portable charger or a digital dual battery charger.

Use our search function on this site to find your camera’s compatible Duracell battery or Charger.

Duracell is so confident in the quality of our camera batteries, we offer a 2 year limited warranty for your complete peace of mind.


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Buying a replacement camera battery.

It is not widely known, but Duracell manufacture digital camera and camcorder batteries. These are now available to buy in South Africa. There is a large selection of brands and camera models for which you can buy replacement camera batteries. The great news is, that these replacement batteries are built to the highest possible standards – something you would expect from such a respected brand. The Duracell multi-fit camera battery provides long-lasting lithium-ion power to match or better the performance of the manufacturers original. Great quality batteries allow for hundreds of photos or video clips to be captured on a single charge. This high-quality Duracell original camera battery will see you up and running again in no time at all.


All the Duracell camera batteries and chargers featured on this site are original Duracell products. It is worth noting that lithium ion batteries start to perform at their best after at least 3 use and recharge cycles. Each battery has a 2-year limited warranty, protecting you whatever happens and providing complete peace of mind.

Buying a replacement battery charger.

Duracell manufacture a range of quality battery chargers compatible with your camera battery. You can now replace your lost or damaged battery chargers. Or, just add an additional charger to your kit at a fraction of the original charger’s cost. As a working professional it is handy to be able to charge all your spare batteries at the same time, having multiple chargers is recommended, especially as some of the new mirrorless and live preview cameras can be very power hungry. All the chargers are extremely light, durable and super compact, making them ideal for location shoots, travel and general portability.


Ever tried a charger other than the original manufacturers part, or been disappointed with cheap generics? This Duracell USB charger will not disappoint as it is designed to protect and enhance the life of your battery. It features impressive safety features such as over voltage, over current and short circuit protection. For complete peace of mind your Duracell LP-E6 battery charger is supplied with a 3-year limited warranty. All the Duracell Camera Batteries and Chargers featured on this site are genuine Duracell products, reflecting the quality you have come to expect from Duracell.