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UV Filters (Nano-X

Black Diffusion 1/8

Black Diffusion 1/4


Variable ND

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KandF UV Filter Classic Series Product Image

Classic Series UV

Affordable Quality Range

Nano-X Series UV

Premium Quality Range

1/8 Nano-X Black Mist Diffusion

Mild Diffusion Effect

1/4 Nano-X Black Mist Diffusion

Medium Diffusion Effect

KandF Circular Polarising Filter CPL Generic Product Image | KF01.143

Circular Polarizer Filter (CPL)

Cut Through Reflected Light

Variable ND

Adjustible Amount of Light Reduction

X-Pro Filter System and Accessories

One System for Every Lens you Own

 with UV a CPL and ND1000 in a Pouch

Nano-X Magnetic Filter Kits

Set of 3 Filters with Magnetic Attachment System

KandF 4 Slot Premium Filter Pouch Product Image | KF13.117

Filter Accessories

Pouches, Cleaners and Adapters