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K&F Tripods

The K&F tripods are designed to be used and enjoyed. The company has a long history of building and improving on their range of tripods. The tripods for sale here represent years of testing what photographers want and need. We have ourselves implemented some enhancements we thought would make these products even better. We want anyone to buy a K&F tripod, to be able to do so with confidence. The tripods carry a warranty, and we ensure we carry spare parts to keep your tripod serviceable for years to come.

There are a few options to suit your specific needs. Each model is packed with useful features which add value. These include a screw off leg to use as a monopod. Reversible centre columns for groundwork. A hook for suspending sandbags so you have additional stability. Wide spreadable legs so you can get lower. The ball head is a sizable 28mm which allows for heavier cameras while still being able to lock tight.

K&F Lighting

K&F are starting to expand their range of lighting. They make a great LED monolight style constant lights. These lights are daylight balanced. They are also dimmable. This is such an improvement over the classic redhead light which was the industry standard for years. The lights have a reflector bowl which helps make the light directional. These lights are available in 60W and 150w outputs. With the efficiency of LED technology and these being COB LED’s they have a fantastic light output. Our favourite feature is the lights Bowens mount fitting. This allows a range of light modifiers to be attached to the light for more control and better shadow quality.

We now also have an on-camera LED light. It is a bi-colour model. This K&F product offers great value as it includes a battery and charger in the purchase price.

K&F Sony FZ-100 Battery Kit with 2 x Batteries and a Dual Charger Image of it In Use | KF28.0016

K&F Camera Batteries, Chargers and Kits

K&F offers batteries, chargers and kits as a complete power package. We offer replacment batteries for the camera brands Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm. Look no further for your ultimate power solution, featuring efficient dual charging capabilities and versatile connectivity options. Charge two batteries simultaneously via USB power sources, benefit from intelligent battery management, and extend your shooting time with high-quality batteries. Trust K&F Concept for reliable power wherever you go.

K&F Filters

Included among the K&F Concept products we carry, is the large range of filters. Having photographic roots, the company has manufactured superb optical products. They have an extensive range of filters which make use of Japanese glass. They are slim profile products. Therefore, they are unobtrusive and free of the problems associated with filters which stand proud, like vignetting.

The line up of filters offered by K&F includes the essential UV protective filter. The ever-useful Circular polarising filter for cutting through reflections. ND and Variable ND filters so you can reduce light and control your settings. K&F also offer effects filters like the black mist in a variety of strengths. If any or all of these interest you, there is always the option for filter kits which combine a number of these into a package.

KandF Wireless Outdoor Security Camera  Solar panel providing power KF50.0001

K&F Security Cameras

K&F offers wireless security cameras. We don’t just mean wi-fi we mean 100% Cable free setup. If a security camera is needed at your gate, there is no need to dig up the driveway and run underground cables, making the setup of this security camera significantly faster and cheaper. These cameras come with a solar panel so they don’t even need a power source. If you don’t want to use the solar panel, their internal battery will last 1/3rd of a year.

With night vision, Pan and tilt control via the app and on board or cloud recordings. Packed full of great features many other models are missing, this camera will impress you with its comprehensive value.

K&F Camera Backpacks

The K&F camera bags and backpacks offer enough variety to ensure your specific needs are met. The bags are made from great materials to ensure durability and environmental protection. Every bag comes with an additional rain cover to give additional protection of your equipment in poor weather. The K&F line up of camera bags are the result of years of development and user feedback. All the bags include some thoughtful features, which you as an owner will enjoy.

There are sling options which are very popular with street and travel photographers. These bags are prized for their easy accessibility while on the go. Designed to hold only what you need while moving around on your feet all day.

There is an everyday backpack which holds enough to ensure you have what you want with you, while not being to cumbersome and overloaded. There is a fair amount of flexibility in the configuration of your bag setup so you can make it work how you want and need.

The outdoor version is made of fabrics designed to be waterproof, scratch and tear resistant as well as being anti fade. These hard-wearing bags have large capacities so you can bring everything you need with. The straps are thicker, wider and more adjustable so you can use this bag in comfort for extended periods of time.

K&F Accessories

K&F carry those essential accessories that make shooting easier. Aside from our cleaning products we also have those part which often go missing and need replacing. Like tripod rubber feet, or lens caps. Our lens caps come with a handy attachment strap so you don’t loose the cap again. We also have the fancier magnetic lens caps which are part of the K&F magnetic series. If you looking to store and protect your recording media, have a look at our accessory cases.

KandF 008 Monocular with Phone attachemnt In Use | KF33.008

K&F Optics

Included among the K&F Concept products we carry, is the range of filters and optical products. Having photographic roots, the company has manufactured superb optical products. They have an extensive range of filters which make use of Japanese glass. They are slim profile products. Therefore, they are unobtrusive and free of the problems associated with filters which stand proud, like vignetting.

You may also like the binoculars or monocular on offer. The monocular is so compact it is a pleasure to travel with. The easier it is to pack or carry, the more likely you are to have it with you when you out and about. We love the optical performance of this product. It also comes with an attachment so your phone can shoot through the eyepiece to take photos or record video.

KandF 4-in-1 Cleaning Kit Product Image | SKU.1618

K&F Cleaning Products

K&F manufacture a fantastic range of cleaning products. These can be used on cameras, lenses, filters and a variety of electronic products. The K&F cleaning products have become incredibly popular. There is now a great selection of cleaning tools and solutions. With microfiber cloths and cleaning solutions you can get any equipment looking like new again. K&F have a selection of cleaning kits which contain everything you would need.

For those who really like to take control and care of their equipment K&F offer sensor cleaners for both full frame and APS-C sensors. If you are interested in caring for your equipment, you will find a variety of cleaning options available.

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