Relacart CR-1 Wireless Mic Kit (Entry Level Kit)

Entry Level Transmitter and a Receiver for Wireless Audio Recording


  • 1 X Relacart CR-1 Receiver
  • 1 X Relacart CB-1 Bodypack Transmitter
  • 1 X Lapel mic capsule with sponge pop shield and mic clip
  • Belt Clips on each unit and camera mount fitting
  • 1 X Mini-jack audio cable
  • 1 X TRRS Mini-jack audio cable (for smartphones with 3.5mm mini-jack inputs)
  • Plastic storage case


  • Dual Channel (you can add ad a second transmitter to your system when you want to expand your setup)
  • 554-586Mhz Operating Range
  • Infrared Frequency Sync
  • Audio output and headset/monitoring output ports
  • 60m Working Range
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R2, 500 incl VAT

Awaiting Stock or Special Order

Awaiting Stock or Special Order

CR1 Wireless Mic Kit for Sale from Cam-A-Lot

Have a look at this great value, entry level radio lapel kit from Relacart; CR1 Single Wireless Mic Kit for Sale at Cam-A-Lot. This wireless microphone system has a transmitter and receiver unit. This will allow you to record audio from a person wirelessly to your recording device. Making it perfect for shoots where a presenter is talking directly to camera. It would also work for business presentations, lectures or corporate video production. This really is an incredibly cost-effective option for anyone needing an audio kit to do high-fidelity audio recordings. Especially versatile as the transmitter can take “mic in” or “line in” audio, expanding the number of ways this system is useful.



The receiver can be connected to digital cameras, camcorders, recorders, tablet computers and other devices. It makes use of mini-jack audio connectors, and the necessary cable is included. There is an additional cable to connect the receiver to smart phones which make use of a mini-jack input port (3.5mm interface with TRRS connector). The receiver has an output for headphones as well, which is a useful feature missing on some far more expensive systems. If you are wanting a kit which you can expand by adding a second transmitter, you can buy this kit here and upgrade to 2 transmitters when you are ready.



Designed to be extremely simplistic and easy to use, while still having features some other brands don’t even include. The volume of receiver and the transmitter can both be adjusted independently to adapt to the volume level of different equipment. There is a headphone out port allowing real-time monitoring of your audio. The receiver supports headphone and output volume adjustment. So, there are many features making this a worthwhile choice.


Using a wireless audio system gives you greater freedom of movement. It also means you don’t need to have long runs of cabling anywhere. The working range of this system is about 80 meters. To keep your audio clean the system makes use of Digital audio compression, this DSP reduces the noise in wireless transmission system to the lowest level. To reduce the risk of interference, the units are switchable to 10 different frequencies. Both the receiver and transmitter are powered by two AA batteries each. These make running the system cheap as the batteries are so easily available everywhere.


RF Carrier Range: 572MHz~585MHz

Frequency Stability: 0.005%

Effective Working Distance (Ideal environment): ≥80M

Audio Compression: Digital Audio Compression

Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz~16KHz ±3dB

Dynamic Range: 85 dB

S/N: 80 dB

T.H.D: ≤1%,@1KHz

Working Temperature Range: -10℃ ~+50℃


Receiving Bandwidth: 572MHz~585MHz

Receiving Mode: Superheterodyne

Image Rejection: 45dBm

RF Sensitivity: when input is 10dBu, S/N ≥ 45dB

Noise Regulation: built-in setting parameters

Frequency Synchronization: Manual key settings

Max Output Level: LINE:0.5Vpp; Phone:1Vpp

Output Level Adjustment Range: 30 level for adjustment, attenuation adjustment, Every 2dB step

Output Impedance: 400Ω

Power: AA 1.5V x 2

Normal Working Current: 3V 150mA

Battery Life: ≥8.5小时

Dimension: 95 x 65 x23 (mm)

Net Weight: 100g (without battery)


CB-1 Body-pack Transmitter

Carrier Frequency: 572MHz~585MHz

Oscillation: PLL synthesized

Transmission Power: 13.5dBm

Carrier Error: 0.005%

Harmonic radiation: -32dBm

Modulation: FSK

Nominal/Maximum Frequency Offset: ± 65KHz

Max Input Level: 250Mv

Input Impedance: 2.2KΩ

Input Gain Adjustment Range: 4 level adjustment setting, every 3dB step

Frequency Setting: Manual key setting

Power: AA 1.5V x 2

Normal Working Current: AA battery (130mA)

Battery Life: ≥ 11 Hours

Dimension (mm): 95 x 65 x23

Net Weight(without battery): 100g