K&F 20-60X Spotting Scope with Smartphone Mount and Mini Tripod | KF33.033

High-quality optics, weather sealed against dust and water, making it great value and perfect for outdoor use.

Main Features:

  • Powerful 20-60X Adjustable Optical Magnification
  • Large 60mm Objective lens allowing in more light
  • Extra-low dispersion BAK4 glass prism provides superior clarity
  • Fully Multi-Coated optics retains brightness and improves contrast
  • 45° Angled Eyepiece for more comfortable viewing
  • 15mm Adjustable Eyepiece for a wide field of view
  • Suitable for glass wearing and non-glass wearing users
  • Retractable lens hood suppresses stray light and prevents lens damage
  • Compact design with high-tech housing material rated IP56 sealed against both moisture and dust
  • High-quality rubber lens barrel with fine frosted texture finish which prevents slippage
  • Universal smartphone mount, mini tabletop tripod and carry pouch included
  • Standard 1/4″ tripod interface suitable for attachment to most tripods
  • Size: 300mm length and 50mm diameter
  • Weight: 626g
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K&F Spotting Scope, powerful performance to capture and share your favourite outdoor moments


This spotting scope combines high-quality materials and powerful optics to ensure sharply focussed and crystal-clear images, time after time. K&F utilise their extensive knowledge and expertise in manufacturing a massive range of high-quality camera lens filters, to produce this spotting scope to the highest standard. Powerful 20-60X continuous magnification through a BAK4 prism with added digiscoping accessories makes this spotting scope kit excellent value for money. Perfect for hunting, shooting, birdwatching, game viewing, and observing anything at a distance. The added tripod and smartphone mount allows you to capture and share all your favourite outdoor moments.


The powerful magnification enables you to bring the farthest of objects closer with crystal clear detail. With the magnification being adjustable between 20-60 times, objects look between 20 and 60 times closer than with the eye, depending on the chosen magnification. The magnification adjustment is continuous, allowing you to lock onto your chosen target and then zoom in for more detail. The optical magnification power of a spotting scope makes it ideal for any leisure time activity which requires you to look at objects at great distances. This makes it the perfect tool for keeping you on target at the range or for viewing wildlife in their natural environments.


When it comes to objective lenses, bigger is definitely better. Objective lens size determines how much light can enter the scope. Larger objective lenses allow more light to enter, ultimately resulting in better image quality. That is why the K&F spotting scope is equipped with a 60mm front objective lens, which allows good light to enter the scope. This provides crisp and clear imagery, especially in lower light conditions. An objective lens with a longer focal length also forms a bigger image. Therefore, it is better to have a large objective lens combined with a higher magnification. This combination will lead to a clear image that you can view comfortably for extended periods of time.


The materials that prisms are made of greatly impact image quality. The K&F spotting scope uses extra-low dispersion BaK-4 glass prism, which is generally found at the high-end of price ranges. BaK-4, or Barium Crown glass is considered the best type of prism material. It has a high refractive index and lower critical angle than other materials, which means it transmits light better, with less light being lost due to internal reflection, for example from internal bubbles trapped during the manufacturing process. Another advantage of BaK-4 glass is that it shows a perfectly round exit pupil, reducing clarity issues on the edges of the image with better edge-to-edge sharpness.


Another major factor implemented by K&F are fully-multi-coated (FMC) lens. The term FMC indicates that there are multiple coatings on all lens surfaces. Fully multi-coated lenses are typical found on high-end optics. Lens coatings are films applied to lens surfaces to reduce glare and reflections. This increases light transmission and contrast, and helps colours look more vivid. Any light that is reflected is light that never reaches the viewer’s eyes, so by eliminating reflections, the image ends up being brighter and sharper.


Maximum eye-relief and perfectly sharp focus is attained with an adjustable 15mm eyepiece. The 45-degree angled eyepiece means you can use a shorter, more stable tripod. It also allows comfortable viewing and less strain on your neck, especially when looking up. You will especially appreciate the angled eyepiece when viewing birds or even a leopard up in a tree. Digiscoping is also easier on an angled spotting scope. Your phone’s screen is tilted upward making it easier to manipulate rather than straight on. The eyepiece can be raised and lowered, providing relief of up to 13-16mm. This allows your eye to be positioned at the optimum focal point, the point where the light passes through the eyepiece. This is particularly useful when wearing glasses. The central focus ring is located in the centre of the body and is very accessible for smoother, faster, and less stressful focusing. The magnification adjustment on the eyepiece has a smooth action, allowing for fast and accurate control.


The smart design of the spotting scope means it is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for traveling along to your dream destination. The quality build materials protect the valuable internal optics making it durable and long lasting. The high-tech housing material and strong seal can prevent moisture, dust and debris from entering the spotting scope. This ensures reliable performance in all environments while extending the lifespan of your scope. The lens barrel is moulded in high-quality rubber, finished in a fine frosted texture, providing a solid and comfortable grip, effectively enhancing your ability to grip it. The rubber surface also helps to absorb accidental little bumps and knocks. The spotting scope has a IP56 waterproof rating. This rating ensures dust and rain are prevented from reaching the internals of the scope. The retractable lens hood can suppress stray light and prevent fingers from accidentally touching the lens surface, helping to avoid lens damage. A flip down lens cap ensures your front lens does not get scratched when not in use. The cap is integrally attached to the scope, so there is no need to worry about losing it.


To further add to the value of this package, a smartphone mount and mini tabletop tripod is included. The tabletop tripod is perfectly sized to quickly setup your spotting scope on a suitable surface. It provides a stable platform with less vibration from which you can comfortably observe or photograph your target. The included universal smartphone mount can support most smartphones and is easy to use. Now you can share your favourite outdoor moments with friends and family with endless digiscoping possibilities. The scope has a standard ¼-inch tripod interface, which is suitable for most tripods on the market. The included carry pouch and strap is made of quality materials ensuring you can carry and transport your spotting scope with confidence.


The K&F Spotting Scope combines quality materials and added extras, for a great value package. Whether you are looking for a perfect digiscoping setup or a seasoned outdoor fanatic wanting to take a closer look, this spotting scope will provide you with sharp, clear and vivid imagery at range for years to come.



  • Magnification: 20-60 times continuous zoom
  • Objective lens diameter: 60mm
  • Eyepiece diameter: 15mm
  • Optical Coating: Broadband Green Film
  • Prism type: BAK4
  • Close focus distance: 10m
  • Waterproof rating: IP56
  • Exit pupil diameter: 4-1.3mm
  • Exit pupil distance: 13-16mm
  • Field of view: 2.2-1.1°


What is included:

1 x 20-60x Spotting Scope
1 x Smartphone Camera Mount
1 x Mini tabletop Tripod
1 x Carry Pouch with Strap
1 x Protective Lens Cap
1 x Microfibre Lens Cloth
1 x User Manual