K&F 20 Pack of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths measuring 15x15cm | SKU.1615

Individually sealed for safely cleaning smudges, fingerprints and dust off your lens, camera, filter or electronics

Main Features:

  • Made from highly absorbent ultra-fine optical microfiber
  • 15x15cm size for a large cleaning surface area
  • The super absorbent cloths easily collect and remove dust and grease
  • Can be used dry or with cleaning fluid
  • Laser cut edges ensures tight edge banding with no fraying
  • Cloths are individually packaged under vacuum, to be dust free and hermetically sealed
  • Compact packaging is easy to store when traveling and takes up little space
  • Soft and ultra-fine texture ensures gentle cleaning and zero damage to cleaned surfaces
  • Cloths are machine washable and can be reused with no linting
  • Multi-device use – can clean lenses, filters, optical surfaces like binoculars, smartphones, screens, glasses, watches etc.
  • Cloths are pure white so dirt is contrasted, making it easy to see dirt that has been removed and where the cloth is still clean

What’s in the box:
20 x Individually packaged microfiber cloths

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Portable ultra-fine microfiber cloths for safe and effective cleaning anywhere.

Ask any photographer worth their salt and they will tell you that flawless images start with a clean lens and camera. A lot of time and effort go into getting that perfect shot. You have to get to the location, setup all your gear, adjust your lenses and fine tune your settings. Then only can you start attempting to capture your subject matter in the exact way that you imagined. Only to discover in editing that you started capturing with a dirty lens or filter. Now all is not lost, but it will take more time trying to fix your blemishes in editing than it would have to clean your filters, lenses and camera before the shoot. When setting out to take awesome images, it is best doing so with a clean camera and gear. It is much more efficient to avoid the effects of a dirty lens altogether, by cleaning your lens, filters and camera before the shoot. Taking care of lens and filter cleaning means that your image quality will stay consistently perfect over time.

K&F have thoughtfully designed and packaged these microfiber cloths to perfectly adapt to the photographer and optic user’s lifestyle. They are easy to store and transport to a shoot, even when packing space is limited. The ultra-fine optical microfiber safely removes dust, smudges, fingerprints and dirt from optic surfaces. They are 15 x 15 cm, perfectly sized for cleaning optic surfaces like lenses, filters, eyepieces and glasses. These handy cloths are also a go-to option for cleaning dust, dirt, fingerprints and smudges on optical surfaces, microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, electronics, screens and keyboards.

Taking care of lens and filter cleaning means that your image quality will stay consistently perfect over time. But, when deciding on a product like a cloth to clean sensitive optic surfaces with, it is important to remember that there are correct methods and products to use. Using unsuitable tools and methods for cleaning can lead to scratches and damage to delicate coatings on optic surfaces. For starters, cloths used for cleaning filters, lenses and other optic surfaces need to be clean and dust-free. Cloths that are contaminated with dust and dirt can act like sandpaper when applied to optical surfaces. Each of the 20 cloths are individually vacuum sealed and hygienically packaged making them completely free of dust and dirt, protecting optical surfaces and coatings. The vacuum packing has an added benefit of reducing packaging size to a slim and compact profile. This makes it ideal when packing for a shoot. Carrying one of these cloths in your bag is easy and effortless. And then, when you ultimately need your cloth at the shooting location, simply tear open the packet for a perfectly clean cloth.

Microfiber cloth is the ideal material for cleaning optical surfaces. The synthetic fibres are ultra-fine, creating a large surface area in which to absorb dust, smudges and fingerprints or other dirt. K&F use high-grade imported optical microfiber, which is extremely soft to the touch and very densely woven. This ensures delicate cleaning power for sensitive optical surfaces like lenses. The microfiber used does not lint and leave behind particles on cleaned surfaces. The effective dirt absorbent qualities of the microfiber means you won’t need to repeatedly scrub sensitive optical surfaces, which over time could wear these surfaces. The cloths are reusable, but it is important to wash them before using them on a sensitive surface again, to ensure that old dirt does not cause surface scratches. The pure white colour of the microfiber fabric helps dirt contrast, so it is easy to spot dirt on the cloth. The microfiber cloth is also a very versatile cleaning tool, as it can be used dry, or with cleaning fluid applied to the cloth. This means that these cloths can be used to clean a wider variety of different stain types.

The high portability of the cloths means you can always have one with at your shoot location. Always having one of these handy cloths with you can save a lot of time in post-production It will also go a long way in helping avoid the headache of fixing spots on your images in editing. Simply slide a cloth packet into a pocket to take it with you, wherever the shoot takes you. This simple precaution has been a day-saver for many photographers. Plus, these cloths do a great job of cleaning other delicate surfaces such as telescopes, binoculars, monocular, spotting scopes, glasses, keyboards and smartphone screens. These cloths can be used in conjunction with other products to ensure comprehensive cleaning.