K&F 28mm Ball Head with 10kg Load Capacity and Two Quick Release Plates | KF31.023

A professional tripod head of aluminium magnesium alloy construction for 360° rotation and 90° tilt

Main Features:

  • Solid aluminium magnesium alloy construction making it durable and tough
  • Supplied with 2 aluminium quick release plates, with anti-slip rubber pads
  • Standard 3/8-inch screw thread hole for connecting to a tripod, monopod, slider and other stands
  • Thread adapter to also allow connection to 1/4inch threaded mounting points
  • Arca-Swiss Quick Release mounting plates with 1/4-inch screw attaches to DSLR, mirrorless, micro four thirds cameras, camcorders, lights or accessories
  • 28mm Precision Aluminium Ball Head with 10kg load capacity
  • 360° Horizontal Rotating base with etched markings for Panoramic shooting
  • 90° to 45° vertical tilt
  • 2 Easy twist locks allow you to set your camera composition then lock it with no shifting
  • Secure and stable shooting platform
  • Spirit level bubble built into head for quick and accurate adjustments
  • Quick and easy camera setup and take down from the quick release plate system
  • Weight: 258 grams, Height: 80mm
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R680 incl VAT

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Awaiting Stock or Special Order

A ball head which provides a durable, secure and stable mount for quick setups and a precise shooting platform that will not shift


28mm Ball heads have long been favoured on tripods as they make for a great all-rounder solution. Their versatility makes them a useful tool spanning many disciplines of photography. Apart from this usefulness, ball heads offer speed. Unlocking the ball allows freedom to adjust pan, tilt and rotation simultaneously. Locking the ball, clamps the camera in position, making for a stable and hands-free shooting platform.

This is a solid 28mm ball head machined from aluminium magnesium alloy with forged technology and anodized in K&F’s beautiful signature orange. Making this a high-quality tripod head suitable for professional use. The aluminium magnesium alloy is a very durable material, so you can enjoy its smooth performance for many years. The anodized finish is corrosion resistant. The compact design is easy to store and takes up less space when packed away whilst traveling. At only 80mm high from base to mounting plate it can comfortably sit in a tripod with flipped up legs. It is lightweight at only 258 grams making the ball head easier to carry for extended periods of time. While it is extremely light and therefore portable, a ball size of 28mm is still strong enough to support an impressive load of up to 10kg. The high-quality materials mean you can quickly frame up and lock down your perfect shot with confidence, knowing your precious gear is securely supported.

The ball head is simple to use, perfect for when you’re required to frame up a shot quickly. Simply free the head, make your adjustments and then precisely lock your camera in that position with little effort and zero shifting. The twist locks provide precision and will not shift, which is perfect for long exposure photography. This ball head can lock up to a 10kg load, without compromising stability, which is far more than most camera setups weigh. The ball has a smooth fluid action ideal for fast paced photography. Adjusting the position of the ball head is simple and smooth. Winged twist knobs control the locking mechanism. Twist to unlock. Reposition. Twist in the opposite direction to lock. Perfect for any kind of wildlife, group, studio, outdoor, landscape or sports photography, particularly where the subject is changing position and frequent adjustments are required.

The ball head has a very smooth action and a 360-degree Panoramic panning base. Allowing for full 360-degrees rotation to create beautiful landscape shots. With handy degree markings on the head so you can accurately plan and maintain consistency when overlapping shots for panoramic stitching. The degree markings are coloured in a highly contrasting white, making them stand out to the eye. The head has a very convenient, built-in spirit level that is ideal for quickly setting your camera perfectly horizontal when required. The base has a separate grippy knob to securely lock the heads panning axis, providing further control and stability to your shot setup. The panoramic base can be freely moved whilst the ball head is locked in place. A cut-out in the collar allow the ball’s stem to swivel down which allow the camera to shoot straight down or rotated to a portrait orientation. Because of its versatility, the ball head can be used for any type of photographic application, whether outdoors or in the studio.

The ball head is securely screwed onto the tripod via a standard 3/8-inch screw thread hole. This is the typical size found on most tripod legs, monopods or other stands. There is an included screw thread adapter which converts the 3/8-inch screw thread to the widely used ¼-inch. This size is commonly found on light stands or for attaching photographic accessories to mounting points. This makes the balls heads compatibility with your needs a painless match.

As an added bonus and great value, the tripod kit includes two Arca-swiss type quick release camera mounting plates. This is really handy if shooting with multiple camera bodies or wanting to mount accessories like a light on your tripod, or simply just having a spare camera plate in your K&F camera bag can save your day. These mounting plates are machined from aluminium alloy making them light and durable. It’s grippy rubber padding securely grips devices. The camera screws onto the mounting plate via a standard ¼-inch screw interface. The mounting plate is suitable for any DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras and camcorders. The sliding action of the mounting plate allows you to control the balance of your camera on the ball head. While the mounting plate can slide forwards or backwards to assist with better camera balance, it is designed so that it cannot slide completely out to protect your camera from falling. The simplicity of Arca-swiss mounting system makes attaching your camera quick and easy to setup for shooting.

If you had to pick a single tripod mount to fit a variety of use cases, this is it. From studio and product photography to food and landscape photography, the ball head is the most versatile tripod mount available. Its quick adjustability is unrivalled amongst tripod mounts and can find purpose outdoors or in the studio.


  • Ball Diameter: 28mm
  • Load capacity: 10kg
  • Material: aluminium magnesium alloy with forged technology
  • Quick release mounting plates System: Arca-swiss
  • Thread adapter: ¼-inch to 3/8-inch screw
  • Weight: 258 grams

What's in the box:
1 x K&F 28mm Ball Head Camera Mount
2 x Quick release mounting plates
¼-inch to 3/8-inch screw thread adapter