K&F 37mm Circular Polariser Filter (CPL) Nano-X Series | KF01.988

A premium Circular Polarising Filter (CPL) to cut through reflections, compatible with 8K resolution capture

Main Features:
– Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL) enhances colour and contrast and removes reflections
– Nano-X Series for a high-performance filter compatible with high resolution capture
– Filter light through polarisation which will reduce glare
– Filtering bounced light increases contrast and saturation
– Shoot through reflective surfaces
– Make the sky bluer, the leaves greener and reduce or eliminate reflections to see better through glass or the surface of water
– Rotate the filter to control the strength of the effect
– Filters are made from imported Japanese optical glass
– 28-layer dual-sided coatings are waterproof, scratch-resistant and oil-proof
– Aluminium Alloy frame

What’s in the box:
1 x K&F 37mm Circular Polarizer Filter CPL Nano-X Series
1 x Plastic carrying case

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Enhance your photos with vibrant color and reduced glare using our circular polarizing filter.

A Circular Polarizer Filter is an indispensable tool for any photographer who wants to capture the most stunning images possible. By reducing glare and reflections, enhancing colours, and improving contrast, this filter can help you create beautiful, eye-catching photographs. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, a Circular Polarizer Filter is an invaluable tool that you can’t do without. K&F Concept’s Nano-X Series of filters are crafted for the demands of UHD capture. When you want 8k resolutions, use a filter that is designed for uncompromising quality.

What is a Circular Polarizing Filter

A circular polarizing filter is used by photographers to reduce glare and reflections on shiny surfaces and to increase the overall saturation and contrast of a scene. This is achieved by blocking certain wavelengths of light, which can have the effect of darkening blue skies and making white clouds pop out more. Additionally, a circular polarizing filter can be rotated to adjust the amount of polarization, allowing photographers to control the intensity of the effect. This can be particularly useful for landscape photography, where it can help to make colours appear more vibrant and to make the sky appear more dramatic.

Why Photographers Love It

Because they filter light through polarisation, CPL’s can in effect, filter or control bounced light. This means it can remove reflections from surfaces like water, glass, paint, leaves, sky, buildings and streets. This versatility is why photographers often want it on every lens they have. Cutting through glare and reflections helps your images to have more colour, saturation and better contrast. This type of filter can allow you to choose whether you capture the reflection of clouds on a lake surface or allow you to shoot through the surface and see into the water. Either option is available simply by rotating the filter to enhance or reduce the effect. Filtering the reflected light has several desirable effects on your image. It makes the sky and clouds look amazing by allowing you to darken the sky and capture more shape and definition in clouds which would otherwise just be indistinct white blobs. Should your subject consist of greenery and foliage, the CPL will help bring out colour, saturation and texture. Instead of just catching the shine on leaves you can capture more of their colour. If cityscapes are your thing, a CPL is the perfect tool to tame glare from glass. Even if your fascinated with automotive photography, the CPL will help you control glare from shiny paint surfaces and windows. It is very important though that a CPL can rotate, as the intensity of its effect is controlled by rotating it to increase or decrease the effect. Simply view your scene through your viewfinder and adjust the CPL effect by rotating the outer wheel until perfection is achieved.

K&F Concept Quality

The Nano-X CPL filter is precision engineered from Japanese optical glass. The Nano-X range is specifically designed to meet the high-resolution capture abilities that modern digital cameras are capable of. They are made up of 28-layer nano-coating technology and a double-sided polishing process. The most prominent of these coatings, is the anti-reflection coating, which effectively reduces internal reflection problems such as flares and ghosting. Another benefit of these coatings is that they increase the effective light transmittance through the filter. These coatings allow the filters to achieve high-definition picture quality and be waterproof. It also helps them to have a high level of scratch resistance and grease does not adhere well to the surface. Fingerprints wipe off very well instead of just smearing. These filters are also double threaded, this allows you to stack screw on filters. The kit also includes a plastic case for the CPL so you can safely store and transport it whenever needed.

How to set it up and use it

Please verify your camera's lens thread size before ordering. Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by the symbol ø for diameter. When you match your lens diameter to the correct K&F CPL Circular Polarizing Filter you will simply be able to screw it onto the front of your lens. Once attached the front ring of the filter rotates. By looking through your eyepiece or on the viewfinder, you should be able to see the effect change as you rotate the filter. When you find a result you like you can shoot your images, the filter will remain at the chosen orientation. The effect is most obvious on bright sunny days and not in overcast weather.

A circular polarizing filter can be useful in a wide range of situations, but it is particularly effective in situations where there is a lot of glare or reflections. This can include situations where you are shooting near water, where the surface of the water can reflect the sky and surrounding scenery, causing glare and reducing the overall contrast and saturation of the scene. A circular polarizing filter can also be useful in situations where you want to darken a bright blue sky and make white clouds stand out more, such as when shooting landscapes. Additionally, a circular polarizing filter can be useful for shooting through windows or other transparent surfaces, where it can help to reduce reflections and increase the overall clarity of the scene.

The importance of light quality cannot be overstated when it comes to taking beautiful images. Optical filters are the key to controlling the light that your camera records. There is no substitute for a high-quality filter set as they help to make your photos look more vibrant and dynamic. Not even the powerful digital editing software of today can compete with the exposure control that filters offer. Additionally, a circular polarizing filter can be adjusted to control the intensity of the effect, giving you more flexibility and creativity when composing your shots. Overall, having a circular polarizing filter can help you to capture more striking and impressive photos, which can bring you more enjoyment and satisfaction from your photography.


• 37mm lens diameter

• CPL Circular Polariser/Polarizing Filter

• Nano-X for 8k resolutions

• Aircraft aluminium frame

• Double-threaded

• Multilayer Coating

• Japanese high precision optical glass