K&F 49mm Magnetic Variable ND Filter ND8-ND128 Nano-X Series | KF01.1973

A premium Variable ND, offering exposure control at your fingertips, compatible with 8K resolution capture

– Variable from 3 to 7 f-stops of light reduction for ultimate exposure control
– Filter density of 0.9 to 2.1, ND8-ND128
– Nano-X Series for a high-performance filter compatible with high resolution capture
– No dark X cross effect on this Variable ND Filter
– A magnetic adaptor ring makes attaching the VND a fast, hassle free process
– Japanese AGC high precision optical glass with double-sided polishing
– Multi-layer coating for reduced reflection, anti-glare and higher transmittance
– Double sided coatings are waterproof and scratch resistant

What’s in the box:
1 x K&F 49mm Magnetic Variable ND (VND) filter ND8-128 from the Nano-X series
1 x Magnetic Adaptor Ring
1 x Plastic Filter Case

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Master light with variable exposure reduction, control the light and elevate your photography game

The K&F Variable ND filter gives you additional control over your exposure. This allows you to blur movement or decrease depth of field, normally impossible in the bright harsh light of day. It can restrict the amount of light entering the camera allowing you more choice in your preferred settings. Now you are able to shoot with longer exposure times or wider apertures under bright conditions. For video work it acts like an additional aperture control. A Variable ND differs from a normal ND filter in that you can control the amount of light reduction simply by rotating the filter to increase or decrease the amount of light entering the lens. What really separated this filter from its counterparts is its magnetic attachment function. K&F Concept’s Nano-X Series of filters are crafted for the demands of UHD capture. When you want 8k resolutions, use a filter that is designed for uncompromising quality.

A Variable Neutral Density Filter is like a pair of sunglasses for your lens. A pair of sunglasses that you can adjust like a volume knob to control the amount of light they let through. Cameras have three ways to control exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This filter effectively becomes a fourth control tool to manipulate light exposure. It controls the amount of light that enters your lens by opposing two polarised filters. Rotating one creates a darkening effect, which ranges in influence from 3 to 7 f-stops of light reduction. By reducing the amount of light entering the lens and sensor, a photographer can create several awesome visual image effects. These effects would not be possible in bright light conditions without a variable ND. Simply adding the filter to the lens gains you your first 3 f-stops of light reduction. If you have ever visited a beach, desert or salt flats you will know how much you appreciated having sunglasses with you. Under those extreme lighting conditions you camera sits with all its exposure controlling settings topped out. The amount of artistic control you can take becomes limited by the restriction of all values being maxed. Adding dialable “sunglasses” to your camera reopens creative possibilities.

The Nano-X Series of Filters
K&F Concept’s Nano-X Series of filters are crafted for the demands of UHD capture. When you want 8k resolutions, use a filter that is designed for uncompromising quality. The filter is crafted from high precision Japanese optical glass. The lens is treated with a double-sided polishing process which ensures high-definition image quality at up to 8k. The filter also undergoes a double-sided multilayer coating process where 28 layers is applied to the lens. Coatings effectively reduce reflections, increase effective light transmittance through the filter and avoids ghosting. The outer layer coating is hydrophobic to help repel water and are scratch resistant ensuring the longevity of your filter. The filter glass is larger than the threaded mount to further help reduce vignetting, even when using a wide-angle lens. It also helps give a filter effect which is consistent over the entire frame.

The dark X
Through the polarisation mechanic used by Variable ND filters it is possible to form a dark X cross shape across the frame when dialled in at the extreme limit of the darkening effect. This filter does not suffer from the dark X effect. If you have ever been caught with unusable images or video due to this phenomenon, then you will really appreciate this model. If your specific needs are for a Variable ND filter free of the dark X cross, consider the K&F ND8-ND128 which is a 3-7 stop filter and is free of this effect.

Utilizing a Variable ND filter like this K&F model offers several advantages for photographers and videographers. By slowing the shutter and extending exposure times, you can achieve a captivating motion blur effect, effectively contrasting static and moving subjects in your images. Additionally, the filter allows for a shallow depth of field, enabling the isolation of the main subject with a soft blur in the background. For videographers, the Variable ND filter provides convenient aperture control, often absent in many lenses. This feature proves valuable for achieving a cinematic style in video creation. Moreover, the filter's versatility streamlines gear and minimizes time spent swapping filters, making it an ideal all-in-one solution for photographers on the go.

How to set it up and use it
Please verify your camera's lens thread size before ordering. Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by the symbol ø for diameter. When you match your lens diameter to the correct K&F Magnetic Variable ND Filter you screw on the supplied magnetic adaptor ring. This ring houses magnets allowing the VND filter to attach and hold in place. You are still able to rotate the filter so you can control the extent of the darkening effect. There is a magnetic lens cap available as an accessory which means you can protect your filter or lens without having to remove all the parts first. The lens cap can be use on the adaptor ring or with the filter still in place. Most filter damage happens while trying to get them on or off your lens. This system is so fast and simple you greatly reduce the chances of loosing your grip and dropping a filter by accident.

Snapping this variable ND filter on the front of your lens will help you manipulate and control the amount of light that enters your lens and sensor. With the K&F Variable ND Filter in front of your lens, you have a world of creative possibilities at your fingertips. From motion blur effects to shallow depth of field, you can do it all with the K&F Variable ND Filter. It’s got you covered from 3-7 f-stops. So, if you are trying to streamline the amount of gear you carry to your shooting location or just need a great all-rounder ND, buy the K&F Variable ND Filter from the Nano-X series with magnetic functionality. As with all K&F products, the price will put a smile on your face.

- 49mm lens diameter
- 3-7 f-stop Variable Neutral Density Filter
- Filter density: 0.9 to 2.1, ND8 – ND128
- Aluminium Alloy frame with magnetic attachment to the adaptor ring
- Japanese AGC Optical Glass
- Multiple lens coatings (28 Layers)
- 7.4 mm frame double threaded
- Series: Nano-X