K&F 52mm Magnetic Filter Kit with UV a CPL and ND1000 in a Pouch | SKU.1620

A filter system with a magnetic mount for easy filter swapping, includes three filters and a handy carry pouch


  • A filter kit with adapter and three filters for attachment to your lens’ filter thread with a diameter of 52mm.
  • From the K&F Concept Nano-X range of quality premium glass filters
  • A magnetic adapter ring screws onto your camera lens to which the included filters easily attach
  • Includes a UV Filter for improved contrast, reduced haze and the removal of blue tints
  • The UV Filter also protects your expensive lens’ front element from, scratches, fingerprints, and accidental damage
  • Includes an ND1000 Filter, with 10 stops of light reduction, to achieve slower shutter speeds giving longer – exposure times
  • Includes a CPL Filter which enhances colour and contrast by filtering reflected light
  • Filters are multi-coated on both sides of the glass
  • Coatings provide additional scratch resistance, makes the filter hydrophobic, while improving light transmission – and reducing chromatic aberration
  • Filters are stackable for a combination of effects
  • Made from Japanese premium optical glass
  • Ultra slim frame for a low profile which prevents vignetting even on wide-angle focal lengths
  • A quality filter pouch is included for the safe storage and transportation of your filter set
  • You can add, remove, swap or stack filters within seconds

1 x 52mm Magnetic Adapter Ring
1 x Ultraviolet (UV) Filter
1 x Circular Polariser (CPL) Filter
1 x 10 Stop Neutral Density (ND1000) Filter
1 x 4 Slot Filter Pouch

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A set of quality filters with the easiest attachment mechanisms imaginable.

With this innovative magnetic system you can effortlessly attach filters to your lens. No more fiddling with getting the fine thread pattern to perfectly line up. Now you attach the magnetic adapter and it can live in place on the front of your lens. Pop the UV filter on to protect your lens. If you want to shoot with the CPL or the ND1000 you can add it in front of the UV, as the filters are stackable. Or pop off the UV and swap it out with your other options. Changes are really fast and easy with less chance of dropping a filter as there is no rotational action or alignment needed.

The Magnetic Adapter or UV filter as Adapter
The UV filter included in this kit is threaded to attach to directly to your lenses. With the UV filter in place it acts as a magnetic mount to which you can attach the CPL or the ND1000 filter. You are able to leave the protective UV filter in place and add or remove, or even stack filters as you wish. If you want to use filters without the UV being in place, a magnetic adapter ring is included in this kit. Remove your UV filter and attach this magnetic adapter in its place instead. Now you have a new mounting point to which you can attach the CPL or ND1000 filter.

Being of slim design, this low-profile fitting will not result in vignetting even on wide focal lengths. With the adapter in place the filters included in this kit can magnetically attach to the front of the lens. The use of magnets means you never have to screw on or off a filter again. The filter cannot get stuck in place, and the thread cannot become damaged and worn over time. This system allows you to add or remove, swap or stack filters and it only takes a second.

The Multi-Coated Ultraviolet Filter (MCUV):
UV filter are designed to block the Ultraviolet light passing through the lens to the cameras recording sensor. Humans can’t see UV light but some image capturing devices can, especially in older cameras. UV filters were created to prevent these unwanted wavelengths from degrading image quality. This diffraction causes a lack of sharpness, reducing overall image contrast and ultimately the quality. The impact is most significant in arial photography where images would be hazy and also often have a blue tint. The solution was to add UV filters to cameras which resulted in sharper images, with increased contrast, reduced haze, and blue tint. Today, UV filtering technology has progressed dramatically. For vibrant images, with true-to-life colours that pop, the K&F UV filter allows you to now capture the beauty of a scene in all its glory.

Lens Protection
One of the most common reason people use a UV filter on their cameras now days, is to protect the lens’ front element from damage. A UV filter serves as a layer of defence for your lens’s front element and the precious coatings on it. Having a filter in front of the lens guards it against dirt, scratches, fingerprints, and accidental damage. It's easy to forget how vulnerable camera lenses are, the tiniest scratch or smudge can negatively impact image quality drastically. With the K&F UV filter, you can be rest assured that your lens will get the added protection it needs without a loss in picture quality. This is especially important when you're traveling to remote locations or shooting in harsh environments, where your gear is exposed to the elements.

Why 28 layers of coatings matter
Multilayer Resistance Coating (MRC) provide several effects and benefits to the properties of the filter. The most obvious and important factor is the filters’ ability to remove UV light. This filter is also coated to be hydrophobic. This means that the filter is designed to repel water. Water beads up and runs off the face struggling to adhere to the filter surface. This has two advantages; it is easier to clean as dirt or dust runs off as it clings to the water instead of the filter. Secondly water spots are less likely to ruin your photos as large areas of soft focus, where drops overlap your subject. So if you are shooting in the rain, mist or fog, or if you at a waterfall or waterpark, a splashed lens will not ruin rest of your day.

The Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL)
A circular polarizing filter is used by photographers to reduce glare and reflections on shiny surfaces and to increase the overall saturation and contrast of a scene. This is achieved by blocking certain wavelengths of light, which can have the effect of darkening blue skies and making white clouds pop out. Additionally, a circular polarizing filter can be rotated to adjust the amount of polarization, allowing photographers to control the intensity of the effect. This can be particularly useful for landscape photography, where it can help to make colours appear more vibrant and to make the sky appear more dramatic.

Why Photographers Love a CPL
Because they filter light through polarisation, CPL’s can in effect, filter or control bounced light. This means it can remove reflections from surfaces like water, glass, paint, leaves, sky, waterfall, buildings and streets. This versatility is why photographers often want it on every lens they have. Cutting through glare and reflections helps your images to have more colour, saturation and better contrast. This type of filter can allow you to choose whether you capture the reflection of clouds on a lake surface or allow you to shoot through the surface and see into the water. Either option is available simply by rotating the filter to enhance or reduce the effect. Filtering the reflected light has several desirable effects on your image. It makes the sky and clouds look amazing by allowing you to darken the sky and capture more shape and definition in clouds which would otherwise just be indistinct white blobs. Should your subject consist of greenery and foliage, the CPL will help bring out colour, saturation and texture. Instead of just catching the shine on leaves you can capture more of their natural colour. If cityscapes are your thing, a CPL is the perfect tool to tame glare from glass. Even if your fascinated with automotive photography, the CPL will help you control glare from shiny paint surfaces and windows.

The ND1000 Ten Stop Neutral Density Filter
A Neutral Density (ND) filter is like a pair of sunglasses for your lens. They help you to control the amount of light passing through the glass into your lens. Useful as a fourth control tool to manipulate light exposure, on top of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This ND1000 will reduce the amount of light by a massive 10 f-stops. With this filter you will be able to slow your shutter speed which will increase your exposure times. Photographers do this to create a motion-blur effect or to control depth of field by allowing the aperture to open wider. This leaves you with endless creative possibilities, especially when photographing moving water, like waterfalls and ocean tides. This effect is also great for photographing moving clouds or movement in urban landscapes such as traffic. With slower shutter speeds, the camera sensor is exposing for a longer time. This allows movement to record as blur creating a mystical or dream like effect with silky smooth water and streaky clouds. Under normal daylight conditions, the durations required to adequately blur movement would just lead to over exposure. With the 10 stops of the ND1000 you can hugely reduce the amount of light. You are able to create images unobtainable to other photographers by achieving shutter speeds around 4 seconds during the daytime.

Nano-X Range
These filters form part of K&F Concepts Nano-X range of filters. The Nano-X range of filters are made to very high standards in terms of production materials and their performance. The glass is Japanese AGC High-Definition Premium Optical glass. The filters have multiple layers of coatings on both sides of the glass. These have beneficial properties like improve light transmission, scratch resistance and a hydrophobic nature to repel water, dirt and oil. While also reducing negative effects like chromatic aberration, ghosting, and ensuring the true colour of every scene. The Nano-X Series is so good, it was designed to be used during the creation of ultra-high-definition recording so your 8k capture suffers no quality loss.

The Lens Pouch
This pouch is beautifully made out of stylish, hard-wearing grey CDP polyester with a weatherproof zip. With a white K&F Concept logo emblazoned on the side. There are two options when wanting to attach it, a metal D-ring, ideal when clipping onto carabiners or clips that are attached to most camera bags, typically found on the K&F Camera Backpacks. If you wish to mount the filter pouch on your belt or on a fixed strap on a bag, there is a secure, double fastening Velcro belt loop, allowing you to remove the pouch without having to feed a belt or strap through it.

With 4 padded yet stiff compartments, the case is capable of comfortably storing four filters of up to 95 millimetres in diameter. The firm construction and crush resistant design of the entire pouch will enhance the protection of your filters. A great feature of the case is the bright K&F Orange interior which makes it easier finding your filter of choice, especially in low light condition.

K&F carry a vast range of filters, from the popular Variable ND filters and CPL’s to more exotic Black Mist filters and Filter Kits. K&F also have this award-winning Magnetic Filter Kit range for the enthusiast.

PLEASE NOTE… All K&F Concept product are made to the highest standard and are fully supported by K&F Concept South African, the official importer. Our warranty on manufacturing defects ensures the K&F range is your safe and trusted choice.

Upgrade your photography with this kit containing 3 essential filters which have an amazingly innovative attachment mechanism. Protect you lens, cut through glare and shoot dramatic long exposure images effortlessly. The slim profile, ease of use and K&F quality will ensure you will love this product for many years of happy image creation.

FILTER TYPES: Ultraviolet Filter UV, Circular Polariser CPL, Neutral Density ND1000
COATING: Multi-layer coating
MOUNTING SYSTEM: Magnetic mounting, easy on-easy off
UV FILTER: Protects lens from dust and scratches while filtering Ultraviolet light to improve sharpness, contrast and reduce blue tints
CPL FILTER: Reduces reflections and cuts the glare of bounced light which enhances colours, saturation and contrast
ND1000 FILTER: Reduces light to allow for longer exposure times giving you enhanced shutter and aperture control