K&F 77mm Lens Cap Kit with 2x Lens Cloths and Attachment Strap | SKU.2024

A replacement lens cap that includes an attachment strap so you never lose the cap again, and two lens cloths

Main Features:
– A Snap-On lens cap with a centre pinch attachment mechanism
– Lens and filter protection from a protective cap
– Includes a strap to attach your cap and lens so you will never lose it again
– Includes two vacuum sealed micro fibre lens cloths to keep your equipment pristine

What’s in the box:
1 x K&F 77mm Snap-on Lens Cap
1 x Attachment Strap
2 x Microfibre Lens Cloth

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Replace your missing cap and ensure it never goes missing again.

The K&F Concept Lens Cap Kit contains a lens cap to use as a replacement for a lost cap or as a spare. It also includes a strap which attaches your lens cap to the camera so you don’t lose the cap again. To make this a comprehensive kit there are also two microfibre lens cloths included in order to ensure the front element of your lens is at its cleanest.

The lens cap, a seemingly modest accessory, plays a crucial role in safeguarding the integrity and functionality of a camera lens. Serving as a protective barrier, it shields the lens from potential scratches, dust, moisture, and other environmental elements that could compromise image quality. Beyond its role in preserving the lens itself, the lens cap contributes significantly to the overall longevity of a camera system. By preventing debris from settling on the lens surface, it helps maintain optical clarity and ensures that each photograph captures the intended scene with optimal sharpness and detail. Additionally, the lens cap is an uncomplicated yet indispensable tool for photographers, reminding them to exercise care and mindfulness in handling their equipment. In essence, the lens cap stands as a small yet vital guardian, fortifying the delicate and precise components of a camera lens against the challenges of the photographic environment.

The K&F Concept lens cap is made of high-quality ABS. It makes use of the popular centre pinch mechanism. You squeeze the two spring loaded portions together and position the cap over the lens. Let go and the pinched section springs back out to grip and hold to the lenses thread. This easy mechanism makes for a snap on, snap off operation providing a snug fitting cap which is easy to remove or replace.

You have the option to install the supplied attachment strap. This is to keep the cap and camera joined so you don’t misplace the cap while it is not attached. One end sticks to the lens cap with a 3m stick dot, the other end has a stretchy band which you slide over your lens. Now when the lens cap is removed it can hang freely under the lens. Many photographers know the annoyance of misplacing a lens cap that was removed from a lens while you shoot, and then is nowhere to be found when you want to reattach it. This part in not pre-installed allowing you to choose whether or not you want to use it or not. If you are buying this product because you already lost a cap, then you can see the value this attachment strap offers.

Included are two Micro fibre cloths. Microfiber cloth is the ideal material for cleaning optical surfaces. The synthetic fibres are ultra-fine, creating a large surface area in which to absorb dust, smudges and fingerprints or other dirt. K&F use high-grade imported optical microfiber, which is extremely soft to the touch and very densely woven. This ensures delicate cleaning power for sensitive optical surfaces like lenses. The microfiber used does not lint and leave behind particles on cleaned surfaces. The effective dirt absorbent qualities of the microfiber means you won’t need to repeatedly scrub sensitive optical surfaces, which over time could wear these surfaces. The cloths are reusable, but it is important to wash them before using them on a sensitive surface again, to ensure that old dirt does not cause surface scratches. The pure white colour of the microfiber fabric helps dirt contrast, so it is easy to spot dirt on the cloth. The microfiber cloth is also a very versatile cleaning tool, as it can be used dry, or with cleaning fluid applied to the cloth. This means that these cloths can be used to clean a wider variety of different stain types.

The high portability of the cloths means you can always have one with at your shoot location. Always having one of these handy cloths with you can save a lot of time in post-production It will also go a long way in helping avoid the headache of fixing spots on your images in editing. Simply slide a cloth packet into a pocket to take it with you, wherever the shoot takes you. This simple precaution has been a day-saver for many photographers. Plus, these cloths do a great job of cleaning other delicate surfaces such as telescopes, binoculars, monocular, spotting scopes, glasses, keyboards and smartphone screens. These cloths can be used in conjunction with other products to ensure comprehensive cleaning. They come in vacuum sealed pouches ensuring they clean, dry and pristine, ready for the day you rip open a packet to use it.

This K&F Concept Lens Cap is a worthwhile option to someone looking to replace a lost lens cap. It comes with an attachment strap to ensure this cap lasts longer. There are also two individually wrapped microfibre lens cloths included making this a complete kit.

- 77mm lens diameter compatible
- high-quality ABS
- Matte black
- Centre pinch attachment method
- Includes attachment strap
- Optical Microfibre lens cloths are fine texture, soft and lint-free, can be washed and reuse