K&F Classic-Lite Portable Aluminium Tripod with Phone Holder | KF09.122

The stripped down, bare essential tripod which is a bit sexy with its gunmetal grey satin finish


  • All aluminium, easy adjustable, 3-section legs, height from 65cm to 168cm
  • 25mm CNC machined metal ball head with 360° panoramic pan movement
  • 2-stage extendable centre column
  • With 8kg capacity, more than perfect for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras
  • Includes adjustable plastic smartphone holder with ¼” screw mount
  • Quick flip leg locking system, real fast with one-handed operation
  • Super light and portable weighing in at only 1.1Kg
  • Arca-Swiss quick release plates with standard ¼” screw, universally compatible

1 x Aluminium Tripod F263A4 with BH-25C Ball head
2 x Quick Release plates with ¼” screws
1 x Adjustable smartphone holder
1 x Carrying bag
2 x Allen Keys
1 x User manual

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Now Experience Pro-Level Photography with our feature-packed tripod on a smaller budget. It’s the perfect travel companion!

Capture stunning photos with ease using our affordable tripod packed with professional features. With its flexible 3-section leg, 360° panoramic CNC machined metal ball head, and quick flip locking leg system, you can easily adjust and set up for the perfect shot in seconds. Weighing only 1.1Kg, it's lightweight and portable for travel photography. Compatible with various cameras, spotting scopes, and phones, it offers endless creative possibilities. Invest in this reliable tripod and elevate your photography to new heights. Perfect for both enthusiasts and professionals, it's designed for practicality and performance. An excellent step in the right direction if you don’t yet own a tripod or need a lighter travel companion!

The 25mm anodized ball head is beautifully machined with a solid locking mechanism, ensuring your camera will not move when locked off. Capture stunning photos and videos that will move your soul, with a full 360° panoramic pan. With the oil-free damping design, you can experience a smooth and stable non-jerky pan action when shooting video. The calibrated marking on the head will ensure accurate panning when required. Imagine the thrill of smoothly panning your camera through a full 360°, capturing every detail of a beautiful landscape or special moment without worrying about camera shake. The anodised finish not only provides better wear and corrosion resistance, but also adds an extra touch of elegance and class to your equipment. This ball head is not just a tool, it's a statement piece that showcases your passion for photography. Don't settle for anything less in this price range of tripods.

As an added bonus, all official K&F Photography Tripods come with an extra quick release plate (QRP), yes 2x Camera Plates with 2x ¼” screws are included in the package. This is really handy if shooting with multiple camera bodies or maybe wanting to mount it to a light if you are using your tripod as a light stand occasionally. Or most importantly by simply having a spare QRP in your K&F camera bag, might just save your day. This tripod uses the very popular Arca-Swiss quick release plate, this QRP plate can slide forwards or backwards to assist with better camera balance, however the plate is also designed so that it cannot slide completely out protecting your camera from falling.

The tripod isn't just a piece of equipment - it's a reliable and versatile companion that will take your photography to new heights. With its super flexible 3-section leg, you can adjust it to three angles, 21°, 50°, and 82°, giving you the freedom to capture images from any angle or orientation. Whether you're shooting landscapes, portraits, or action shots, the product can be quickly adjusted to meet your needs. With a working height range of 65cm to 168cm, you can easily adjust your camera to the perfect height to capture stunning well framed shots, within seconds.

The centre column has 2 stages which allows it to extend by another 30cm, reaching an impressive height of 168cm, which is excellent in any range of tripod. Being able to reach this height has many advantages in all forms of photography.

This light Tripod doesn't just offer flexibility and versatility - it's also incredibly easy to carry. With a folded length of only 42cm, you can take it with you on all your adventures without worrying about cumbersome heavy equipment. No matter where your journey leads you, you can trust this reliable and versatile companion to capture every moment with precision.

The freedom and convenience of being able to adjust your tripods height, angle, or orientation with just one hand, in a matter of seconds. You can be fully present in the moment, focused on capturing the beauty in your frame, without being held up by complicated locking mechanisms. The quick flip locking system is fast and safe. Safe because you only need one hand to lock or release the clips while keeping your other hand on your precious camera and gear.

The smartphone mount is a great addition to this tripod, although simple, it is compatible with most smartphones. This gives you the option to effortlessly switch between shooting from your smartphone and your camera. That means you are covered for any shooting scenario with this package.

This K&F Concept tripod isn't just a tool - it's a companion. With a weight of only 1.1Kg’s, it's easy to pack and carry wherever your adventures take you. But don't let its lightweight design fool you - this tripod is sturdy and reliable, providing a stable base for your camera even on uneven terrain. So go ahead and explore the world with confidence, knowing that you have the perfect accessory for capturing stunning travel photos and memories that will last a lifetime.

The K&F Classic-lite Tripod is a game-changing photography accessory with a lightweight design, and easy adjustable legs and excellent height, makes it an exceptional choice for photographers of all skill levels. Another standout feature is its easy-to-adjust 3-section legs which provides stability and support. Allowing for seamless adjustments to achieve the perfect camera height and giving photographers new levels of flexibility and creative freedom. Another noteworthy feature to choose this tripod is the exceptional compact 25mm metal ball head which provides a remarkable advantage for photographers to capture smooth breath-taking panoramic shots, making it a standout feature in its class.

This tripod comes with everything you need to get started, including a set of 3-stage tripod legs as well as a 2-stage centre column that offer a sturdy base for your camera. Additionally, the package includes a lightweight ball head that is easily attached to the top of the tripod legs. All making it easy to adjust your camera's position and orientation. To make it even more convenient, the K&F Classic-lite Tripod also comes with a smartphone holder and a non-padded nylon carrying bag that provides secure storage and easy transport for your tripod.

Setting up and using the tripod is a breeze. Simply unfold the tripod and adjust the legs to your desired height using the flexible 3-section leg. Attach your camera to the QRP using the 1/4" screw, which is compatible to all modern cameras. Use the adjustable metal ball head to position your camera for the perfect shot. All the twist knobs lock firmly ensuring you camera is safe. When you're finished, collapse the tripod, and store it in the included carrying bag for easy transportation.

Using a tripod will enhance your photography experience and help you capture amazing steady shots especially in low light conditions. With its lightweight and portable design, you can take it anywhere and set it up quickly. The tripod's flexible legs and adjustable height allow you to get the perfect angle for your shot. Plus, its compatibility with a range of cameras and devices means you can use it for a variety of photography needs.

Whether you're hiking to a scenic viewpoint, exploring a new city, or just spending time with friends and family, this tripod will help you capture beautiful memories that you'll treasure for life. And with its versatile compatibility, it's great for any photographer, whether you're a professional shooting with a pro camera, or just using your phone to snap some well-planned shots.

Overall, the K&F Classic-lite Tripod has been well-received and won the hearts of both professionals and amateurs in the photography community worldwide. Its exceptional quality at a very affordable price, the lightweight design, and stability, make it a great option for anyone in need of a reliable tripod for their camera.

PLEASE NOTE… that K&F Concept tripods are fully supported with spare parts and service in South Africa. In case of losing a locking knob or accidentally bending a tripod leg, there's no need to worry or dispose of the tripod. It can be quickly repaired and restored to full functionality. This package offers everything a professional tripod should have. If you're searching for a reliable and durable tripod that will serve you well for many years, then this K&F product is your top choice.

MATERIAL: Aluminium alloy
FOLDED LENGTH with Head: 42 cm
LEG LOCK TYPE: Flip lock
WEIGHT: 1.23 kg
BALL HEAD: 360-degree panning with a 1/4" screw
CENTRE COLUMN: Fixed 2-Stage
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty
MODEL: KF09.122