K&F Classic-Vlogger Tripod with Video Head and Smartphone Mount | KF09.115

A compact, lightweight and versatile tripod which includes a smartphone mount for creators and vloggers

Main Features:

  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminium- alloy construction making it highly portable
  • Includes a 3-Way head with 360-degree Pan, Tilt and Portrait or Landscape Orientation with the ability to isolate each of these axis
  • Standard ¼-inch screw and quick release plate
  • Includes smartphone mount for extra versatility
  • Compatible with most mirrorless/DSLR cameras and smartphones, or ring lights and GoPro’s
  • 4-stage legs can extend to 162 cm to accommodate most users
  • 2-stage invertible centre column with twist lock
  • Folds down to a travel friendly 45cm
  • Leg angle locking clips securely locks to 3 different angles for more height and spread configurations
  • Quality quick release leg clips ensures no slipping
  • Non-slip rubber feet for better grip
  • Bag hook for adding extra stability
  • Satin black finish is easy on the eyes
  • Includes padded carrying bag with shoulder strap for extra value
  • Includes a 1 year no-hassle warranty


What’s in the box:
1 x K&F Classic-Vlogger Tripod KF09.115
1 x Smartphone mount
2 x Quick release plates
1 x Carrying bag with strap
1 x Allen key adjustment tool

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R1, 280 incl VAT

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Awaiting Stock or Special Order

Step up your vlogging to produce professional quality content with this all-in-one vlogging and photography tripod kit

The K&F Classic-Vlogger tripod is the perfect choice for vloggers and social media content creators. Not only does it offer great value and performance, but it’s also super lightweight and compact. With a video style head this is a great option for people who want to create video content. With this tripod you will step up the quality of your content, whether you are shooting from your camera or smartphone.

The kit includes a 3-way video head which can mount more than just cameras. A head like this is well suited to video work as it isolates pan, tilt and rotation separately. This offers a lot more control for both setting up and adjust shots. The head is plastic so it is very light weight but will perform better with locked off shots. In addition to the 3-way head, this kit includes a versatile smartphone mount that offers seamless compatibility with most smartphones. The kit is further complimented by a padded sling bag premium protection and effortless portability. With the K&F Classic-Vlogger tripod you get all these great vlogging tools at an affordable price.

Aluminium-Magnesium alloy design is compact, slim and lightweight

The tripod legs are made from durable aluminium-alloy and features a sleek black aesthetic with orange accents that won’t look out of place anywhere. The tripod is very compact, and its manageable size makes it simple to use. Vloggers and creators prefer a very portable tripod over awkward and cumbersome ones. The Classic-Vlogger’s slim profile and lightweight design make it effortless to set up, position and use while on the move.

On the other end of the spectrum, taking the tripod down and packing it into your bag when you are done shooting for the time being, it is just as effortless as setting up. The tripod reverse folds down to just 45 cm and weighs only 1.26 kg, making it easy to carry and transport. The tripod’s lightweight design makes it effortlessly portable, whether you are travelling extensively or just commuting between shooting locations.

Shoot stabile video content from your camera or smartphone with the 3-way video head

The 3-way video head is accompanied in the kit by 2 ¼-inch quick release base plates. You can mount compact mirrorless and DSLR cameras, camcorders, ring lights and sound equipment weighing up to 3kg. As the name suggests you can use this head to move your camera in three independent axes. With the ability to lock or unlock each individually for better control and adjustment.

Firstly, the head can Pan (left to right) a full 360 degree panoramic, perfect for horizontal tracking. Secondly, the head can also Tilt (up and down) for vertical tracking. Thirdly you can switch between shooting in landscape or portrait orientation. You can also lock your shot positioning in place with locking knobs and screws located on the head. This also means you can use it for still photography when needed.

Effortless vlogging and video content in a single package

The K&F Classic-Vlogger tripod kit is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for hands free operation while talking to camera. No shaking footage and no extra pair of hands needed to hold your camera where you want it. It is a great all-rounder and vloggers and social media content creators with on-the-move lifestyles really love it. Despite its affordable price, this tripod is highly capable and versatile, making it a great entry level product for beginners in the creator space.

Having the option to both shoot with your camera using the 3-way head or the option to shoot from your phone using the smartphone mount means the tripod is ultra versatile. To use the smartphone mount you simply screw it onto one of the quick release base plates and slide it into its slot on the head. You screw the mount down to hold your smartphone, so it has a firm grip on your smartphone keeping it locked in place.

The tripod's centre column can be inverted, allowing for low-angle shots to unlock endless possibilities for unique perspectives in your shot framing. This will be especially useful if you are planning to shoot macro video or photographs. Having framing options on the low end will add another dimension to your content improving your results.

The innovative ergonomic design prioritises comfort, stability and ease of use, providing users with an intuitive and effortless shooting experience. The compact size of the tripod also makes it user-friendly for people who are constantly packing up to go and shoot somewhere. You barely notice the extra weight when carried in-bag

Once you're ready to pack up and move to the next shooting location, the tripod is as easy to store away as it is to set up. Simply flip the legs by 180-degrees to fold it down to its smallest dimensions. The reverse folding legs allow for easy portability and storage in a bag or hand luggage, making it an ideal travel tripod.

The smaller details matter

K&F have developed this tripod based on the success of the .048 tripod, the Classic-Vlogger kit is a step up. Some well thought out smaller touches makes this tripod even better optimised for vloggers and social media creators who need a tripod with a head suited to creating video content.

The head comes with a bar handle that helps gives you leverage to pan or tilt. Twisting this handle locks and unlocks the tilting mechanism. A bag hook is located at the bottom of the centre column. This hook allows users to hang a suitable bag, providing additional stability during outdoor shoots on windy days. However, it's essential to ensure that the combined weight of the bag and camera does not surpass the maximum load capacity of the tripod. Each leg has non-slip rubber pads on the tips to provide extra friction and grip for increased stability of the tripod, especially on uneven terrain.

You get so much more with this tripod kit

The smartphone mount is a great addition to this vlogging tripod kit. It gives you the option to effortlessly switch between shooting from your smartphone and your camera. That means you are covered for any shooting scenario with this package.

Having the option to both shoot with your camera using the 3-way head or the option to shoot from your phone using the smartphone mount means the tripod is ultra versatile. To use the smartphone mount you simply screw it onto one of the quick release base plates so it can be attached to the tripod. Then there is a thumb screw to widen or tighten the clamp mouth. This smartphone clamp has a range between 50mm and 100mm giving it great compatibility with any model of phone. The mount achieves a firm grip on your smartphone thanks to its rubber inserts, keeping your phone locked in place.

Another smart feature of this head is that it attaches and locks the quick release base plate or smartphone mount with a single, easy-to-use flip lever. This feature makes setup, take-down and switching between base plates or the smartphone ultra-convenient. You simply push the base plate into its slot and flip the lever over to lock it in place. Then simply flip it back to unlock. Therefore, you can lock and release your base plate with just one hand in a single motion. This makes setting up your camera on the tripod super simple and quick.

All our K&F Tripods come with 2 quick release plates included! Yes, 2 base plates. Having a second base plate is a massive plus because it makes switching between your camera and smartphone a lot less of a mission. It’s also a smart idea to always have a second base plate at hand as a backup. The base plates are lined with grippy rubber for added grip on a camera body or smartphone. The rubber protects the finish on your camera body and especially your smartphone from friction that might cause scratching over time. The grip also protects against your phone or camera slipping. Each of the base plates also have a d-ring attached to the ¼-inch mounting screw. These rings also take the struggle out of screwing your camera or smartphone mount to your plate.

You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for price

K&F strikes an awesome balance between quality and price with the Classic-Vlogger. Made of aluminium-magnesium alloy and moulded plastic parts, the tripod is very sturdy, but also lightweight. Most people learn a hard lesson when they get a flimsy tripod before they seriously consider how important tripod quality is. Make sure you don’t end up with the flimsiest tripod possible in the name of saving cost. This can turn into an expensive mistake, as those kinds of tripods usually break very quickly or your needs outgrow their capability very quickly. This tripod balances the gap between cheap flimsy tripods and entry level tripods for working semi-professionals. When your ambition grows and you starting to include more camera movement in you recordings you may be ready to upgrade to the K&F Core-Director which is a dedicated video tripod.

So many ways to set up and use it

Because of its small dimensions, the tripod is a dream to handle. It easily slides out of the carry bag. Once out, the 4-stage legs are quickly deployed with simple flip leg locks you can operate with one hand. The legs can be locked in three different spread positions. Giving you a lot of flexibility. The centre column adjusts with a twist lock system. You can set the tripod up in different ways depending on your requirements. Firstly, you can set it up as standard to get a stable shooting platform with some height. Secondly, you unscrew the centre column and invert it. By inverting the centre column, you can get lower to the ground for low angle or macro shots.

The handle on the head not only makes panning and tilting possible, but also doubles as the locking mechanism for the tilt axis. Simply twist it to lock or unlock tilting movement. The panning locking knob is nice and grippy and located on the side of the head. There is also a winged screw to lock or unlock the movement to flip the camera or phone to between landscape and portrait positioning.

To use the phone mount, you simply screw it onto one of the base plates, then it can clip onto the head just like your camera would. You screw the mount open and insert your phone, and then just screw it down to grip the phone. The screw mechanism is extra secure to protect your phone from fall damage.

Designed to move with the vlogging lifestyle

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile tripod to keep up with your busy lifestyle, then look no further. Not only will this lightweight and compact tripod fit your on-the-go lifestyle, but it also has the value and performance to match. No wonder it was voted the most valued asset in most vlogger’s toolkits.

With the 3-way head, smartphone mount, 2 base plates and a padded carry bag this kit has got everything you need to jumpstart your content. Whether you’re shooting video in your backyard or on Table Mountain you can count on this tripod to provide stability and performance. Leaving you with more time to focus on perfecting what matters most – creating high-quality engaging content that connects with your audience.

The best gift you can get for any vlogging enthusiast

If you need to get a special gift for a special someone that happens to be a vlogging enthusiast – then it’s a no-brainer. Investing in their passion shows true affection that won’t be forgotten soon. Seriously, there is no better and more thoughtful gift you can get a vlogging enthusiast than this.

K&F have racked up thousands of 5-star reviews across the world for their products and are fast becoming a trusted brand. K&F Tripods average 4.5+ star reviews on bhphoto.com, Adorama and Amazon. And it’s easy to see why – the value and quality on offer is unmatched.

The smartest tripod investment

As a vlogger, your entire lifestyle is dedicated to staying connected with your audience and taking them along with you, wherever your adventures take you. Whether you are documenting your travels and trips or sharing one of your latest projects or livestreaming to your audience, this tripod has you covered.

If you are only getting serious about your vlogging now, the K&F tripod is the perfect investment into your passion, and it will last you for many successful years to come.


  • SKU: KF09.115
  • Model: K234A0+Video Head
  • Weight: 1,26kg
  • Folded length: 45cm
  • Maximum height with centre column extended to its 2nd stage: 176cm
  • Minimum height: 51cm
  • Maximum tube diameter: 2,3cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 5kg
  • Material: Aluminium-alloy and plastic
  • Includes zipped shoulder bag
  • Includes 2 x quick release base plates with ¼-inch thread screws
  • Includes Mobile Phone mount