K&F Compact Tripod | KF09.048


Main Features:

  • 3-Way head – with 360-degree Pan, Tilt & Portrait or Landscape Orientation
  • Compatible with Compact cameras and Cell phones, Mirrorless and smaller DSLR’s or for Ring lights or Web cams
  • Quality black satin anodized Aluminium 4 stage legs with Quick Release clips and padded sponge grips on every leg
  • Twist-lock pan arm locks the head from tilting
  • Quick Release Camera Plate with standard ¼” screw
  • Crank-up centre column system, accurate for fine tuning and extra height
  • Cellphone or Tablet attachment with rubber grips, adjustable from 50-165mm
  • Non-slip self-levelling rubber feet
  • Built in Spirit Level Bubble for quick levelling
  • Sandbag Hook for extra stability
  • Built-in Carry Handle
  • Excellent one-year limited warranty



  • 3-Way Head
  • Tripod Weight: 1.1Kg
  • Maximum Height with Centre Column: 150cm
  • Maximum Leg Height: 122cm
  • Minimum Height: 46cm
  • Folded Length: 48cm
  • Payload Capacity: 4Kg

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14 in stock

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K&F Compact Tripod and Cellphone Mount Attachment | KF09.048V1

This is the baby in the K&F range of quality photographic tripods, although this entry level, compact tripod has its own unique place in the line-up. You get a lot of tripod for your money in this package.

Compact yet sturdy, this photography tripod offers a range of great features at an excellent price. With its 3-way head, you have the ability to Pan (left & right) a full 360 degree panoramic, Tilt (up & down) and the ability to shoot in landscape or portrait orientations. Once framing is achieved simply tighten the pan arm and the tilt action on the head is locked.

Many photographers and content creators often avoid using a tripod as they find them cumbersome, heavy and a handful to manage. This compact tripod is an absolute pleasure and is designed to make your shooting experience a joy with its lightweight of only 1.1kg. If attached to your K&F photographic backpack, you will barely notice the extra weight.

Your tripod comes with an easy attachable cellphone holder. The mount accepts a variety of phone and tablet sizes from 50-165mm, it is well-padded as not to damage your phone. With the universal quarter inch screw thread, it simply attaches to the tripods quick release plate with the provided screw.

Due to the compact minimum height of only 46cm, this compact tripod is ideal to stand behind your laptop or computer screen and to shoot over the top with your cellphone using the provided cellphone bracket or using your webcam or digital camera. If you use a Ring-light you can mount it to the tripod, which give the ability to tilt the light to the best suited angle.

A good maximum height of 1,5m can be achieved by extending the 4 aluminium alloy leg stages that are released by quick-release clips. For added height the extendible centre column can be raised or lowered via turning a crank action lever. With the gear action your accuracy when doing precise framing is improved. The centre column extends the height by an extra 25cm.

At the base of the centre column is a hook which you can attach a sandbag, or your K&F Camera Backpack too, this will help keep your tripod and camera safe in windy or unstable conditions, preventing your compact tripod from moving or blowing over or simply to keep your camera bag off the ground and close by.

To complete the package, the tripod comes in a handy carry bag with shoulder strap.

Everything you could want in a compact tripod can be found in this package. If you are looking for a quality entry level tripod, look no further than this quality K&F product.

What's in the box:

  • K&F Compact Tripod
  • Quick Release Camera Plate with ¼” screw
  • Cellphone Attachment
  • Carry Bag with Strap
  • 1 Year warranty