K&F Concept 2x Quick Release Camera Plate Tripod Mount Package | KF31.031

R300.00 incl VAT

Two replacement quick release mounting plates with quarter inch screw for Arca-Swiss type heads

Main Features:

  • Replacement camera plate
  • Compatible with all ARCA-SWISS tripod heads
  • Includes standard removable ¼ Inch camera screw with handy flip up fastening ring
  • Embedded non-slip, grippy rubber top pad to hold your camera securely
  • Made from durable, lightweight aluminium
  • Anodized in black for hard wearing use

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Versatile aluminium tripod camera mounting plate to fit a wide variety of tripods.

This is a great bundle for photographers needing to replace lost plates and at a great price. It is also great having the option of a spare plate when you have more than one camera body, or other accessories that you may want to mount on a tripod. Even just having a spare plate which includes a ¼” screw, laying in the bottom of your K&F Concept camera backpack, could save your day. It can help you attach your camera to your tripod or a range of photographic accessories. Whether it is for a camera, lens, light, strobe or a microphone, extra plates will always be useful.

Designed to meet the very popular Arca-Swiss type quick release mount, found on many of the K&F tripods as well as many other brands. It simply slides into the clamping channel of the tripod head or drops in from the top. By sliding the plate back or forwards you can perfectly balance your camera on the tripod head finding that perfect centre balance point of the lens and camera body. Once in the position you want simply lock it using the locking knob on the tripod head. The plate has two built in stoppers, one either end, this will prevent the plate from sliding out if slightly loose preventing your precious gear from landing on the floor. A handy feature on the plate is that the screw slot is designed that the supplied 1/4” screw will not just fall out when not attached to a camera. However, if you wish to get the screw out simply slide it to the threaded end of the plate and screw it out when needed.

The grippy rubber padding embedded on top of the plate will securely hold the plate to the camera. This is done using the included standard quarter inch screw. The screw comes with a handy flip up fastening ring, so you don’t need a screwdriver to securely attach it to your camera. The screw also has an Allen Key hex hole and a straight slot in the head, where an Allen Key, Screwdriver or Coin can be used for ensuring a very secure hold. All K&F Tripods and plates come with the correct size Allen Key.

The plate and screw are designed to mount onto DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and small camcorders, which then will give it the ability to quickly attach to a compatible tripod head. If you using your tripod as a stand it can also be used to attach a range of photographic accessories as most make use of the standard ¼” screw thread.

The K&F Concept tripod plate is machined from aluminium alloy and anodized in black, making it light and durable. This reliable item is so useful it is always worth having a spare. Save money with this bundled package containing two quick release plates.

Dimensions: 60 x 38 x 9mm
Weight: 27g
Material: Aluminium alloy
Finish: Anodised
Colour: Black
Grip Pad: Rubber
Screw Thread: ¼” Quarter inch
Screw Tightening: Ring for hand tightening, slot for coin or screwdriver and an Allen KEY insertion hole

What's in the box:
2 x K&F Concept Quick Release Plate
2 x ¼” Screw
1 x 1 Year Warranty