K&F Core-Director Video Tripod with 75mm Bowl and Fluid Head | KF09.121

A tripod head with smooth action which includes a padded carry bag and two quick release plates.


  • An affordable video tripod system for creators wanting to up their production game
  • Ideal for DSLR, Mirrorless as well as Camcorder video production
  • Light enough to move around with ease, sturdy enough to be reliable in getting the shots you want
  • Fluid head system for butter smooth panning
  • Counterbalance spring system to centre-up camera
  • Pan handle can be attached on left or right for any preference
  • Threaded accessory port for attaching gear like a magic-arm
  • Head has a place to store the standard ¼ inch and 3/8-inch screws so they always with you
  • 75mm bowl with spirit level allows for the easy levelling of the head
  • Can handle cameras weighing as much as 8kgs
  • 3 stage legs allowing for a maximum shooting height of an impressive 184cm
  • Quick release plate allows you to easily attach or detach the camera, and it comes with a spare
  • Mid-level spreader to hold the legs in place for increased stability and set-up on uneven ground

1 x Core-Director Video Tripod
2 x Quick-release plates
2 x 3/8” inch screws
2 x 1/4” inch screw
1 x Pan handle
1 x Padded carrying bag
1 x User manual
2 x Allen Key

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R3, 380 incl VAT

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Awaiting Stock or Special Order

With smooth fluid panning and counterbalance spring system, this tripod will make following the action an absolute pleasure.

The K&F Concept Core-Director tripod is an affordable video tripod system. It is great for creators who have grown to a point where they ready to upgrade. This tripod is built for stable video work when you move beyond locked-off static shots, and movement is required. The fluid head helps you track the action with smooth friction panning, for easy framing, allowing you to focus on what matters, the storytelling.

Light and Portable
If this is your first fluid head tripod, it may feel on the heavy side. Yet in this class, the Core-Director is extremely portable yet super sturdy for its light weight. There is always a balance between mass for stability and lightness for ease of use. This tripod does a great job of getting this balance right and is very well suited to modern day video capture devices like DSLR, Mirrorless or Camcorder cameras. With these small, light cameras it is not necessary having a heavy overweight tripod. Weighing in at 3.8kg this makes for a solid shooting platform you can count on.

The Head
The K&F Concept Core-Director tripod comes with a fluid head for a smoother panning action. Being designed for video, means this head is super smooth, ideal for following the action. It does this without shuddering, jerking, or jumping. When editing, it should be around the action not the jerky pan movements from a sub-standard tripod and this tripod does just that. This head sits in a 75mm bowl with a design that allows you to set the tripod legs on any uneven or flat surface and quickly level up your camera, so horizons are straight, and panning is perfectly horizontal. To assist with the levelling the bubble spirit level on the head will indicate when the tripod head is level. The bowls size also allows for sufficient friction to lock the head down, securely supporting your camera.

The head accommodate cameras up to 8 kilograms, which is far more than most modern camera systems with accessories attached. The head also has a Counterbalance spring. This helps to bring the camera back to centre. If you have a large lens attached to the front of your camera it can become front heavy causing the camera to tilt down. The counterweight spring helps balance the weight of the camera doing some of the work of having to hold the camera level. However, to assist with the balance of the camera and most importantly, is to slide the quick release plate backwards or forwards for near perfect balance. The QRP is large and has a good sliding range helping balance most setups. The plate can take a ¼” or a 3/8” screw depending on your gear requirements. Official K&F Concept SA tripods all come with 2 quick release plates. This kit includes 2 Plates and 2 of each size screw. This is a huge bonus as these items seem to get misplaced easily. Also, really handy if you have two camera bodies, as you don’t need to continuously swap plates. On the underside of the tripods top-plate are two threaded holes, a real convenient storage spot to keep your spare screws.

Accessory Point
On the right side of the head is an accessory point. This is a threaded hole that allows you to attach additional equipment to the video tripod head, a really cool feature. It uses the beefier 3/8” thread so it can support any accessory using this common thread size. (A standard ¼” stepdown adaptor will work if your gear uses the smaller ¼” thread size.) It gives you a place to attach a magic-arm, light, sound device or monitor. Being mounted on the head means it will always turns with the camera, very convenient when using an external monitor.

The Tripod Legs
This tripod has 3 stage legs. Fully extended this tripod can reach the impressive height of 1,84 meters. With your camera perched on top, means you could probably shoot over a person standing in front of you, if required. The tripod can comfortably be used with one stage extended, with an entire additional stage ready to be used should you need to go higher. The legs come with a fixed mid-level spreader. This is a brace attached to all three of the tripod’s legs, adding extra stability. The advantage a mid-level spreader has over a ground-spreader, is that it is more forgiving on uneven surfaces. Ground spreaders are good smooth surfaces, like studio floors, whereas mid-level spreaders can be used on flat surfaces or in the wild next to a rocky river. For extra stability, the rubberized feet which pivot freely can adjust to any surface for flat, firm contact. When the tripod is collapsed for transportation, clips hold the legs together keeping it compact, and manageable on the move.

Follow the Action
One of the main differences between a photographic tripod and a video tripod is the addition of a Pan Handle. It adds leverage and smooth control when panning and tilting actions are made. A great feature is that the pan handle can be attached to either the left or right side of the head, so it is well suited to right-handed or left-handed users. In order to fine tune your control, there are friction controls on the pan and tilt axis. These can also be used to hold the head in position for locked-off shots.

About K&F Concept
The K&F Concept brand has experienced explosive growth since its launch over a decade ago. Their innovative and feature rich products offer great quality, style, and value. Specialising in products for the photographic and video markets, they have become a popular choice for decerning hobbyists and professionals worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE… K&F Tripods and other products are fully supported with spare parts available from K&F Concept South African, the official importers. So if you happen to lose a locking knob or accidentally damage a tripod leg, there's no need to worry or dispose of your tripod. It can be repaired quickly and restored to full functionality. This package offers everything a quality tripod should have. If you're searching for a reliable and durable tripod, rest assured our products will serve you for many years. Our warranty on manufacturing defects ensure the K&F range is your safe and trusted choice.

When it’s time to up the standard of your work and you have reached the limitations of your current equipment, get yourself the K&F Concept Core-Director video tripod. The Core-Director will be an excellent addition to your gear collection. Production can be stressful, but one thing you can be assured of is the peace of mind knowing your tripod will not let you down.

Head Type: Fluid Video Head
Camera Mounting: Quick Release Plate with 1/4" and 3/8" Screws
Tripod Accessory Point: 3/8" Thread
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Load Capacity: 8 kg
Counterbalance: Spring System
Tilt Range: -70° to +90°
Pan Range: 360°
Bubble Spirit Level: Yes
Max height :184cm
Folded length: 85cm
Weight: 3.88kg