K&F Mini V-Mount Battery at 99Wh and 6700mAh | KF28.0024

For cameras, monitors and lights using the V-Lock system for power, this is a feature packed battery option

Main Features:
– A feature packed V-Mount battery for using on a range of gear using the V-Lock power system
– No need for a dedicated charger with D-Tap or USB-C in as recharge options
– 6700mAh Capacity battery with 99Wh and 14.8V
– Lithium-ion battery chemistry, for safe reliable performance and no memory effect
– LED Display to check the battery status, such as remaining time, remaining battery percentage, voltage indication, and the working status of the USB-A and USB-C ports
– Multiple ports with 2 x D-Tap (in and Out), USB-C (in and Out) and USB-A (out)
– 65W Bi-directional fast charging which supports multi-protocol (PD/QC/SCP/PPS/APPLE-2.4A, etc.) charging
– Anything with USB OUT can charge this battery, anything with USB IN can be charged by this battery
– Power DSLR cameras, camcorders, monitors, smartphones, wireless video transmitters, tablets and laptops, etc.
– Easy to transport as 99Wh is the maximum power allowed on airplanes

What’s in the box:
1 x 99Wh V-Mount Battery KF28.0024

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Awaiting Stock or Special Order

A battery with more features than you would believe one battery could have.

This K&F Concept V-Mount battery provides power to devices with a V-Lock attachment point. You find these on camcorders, monitors, wireless video transmitters, external recorders and lights. V-Lock or V-Dock, is a widely used battery mounting system in the professional video and broadcast industry. Unlike the batteries generations before the K&F model, there is now an informative LSD screen, multiple ports and Bi-directional charging.

Introducing a feature-packed V-Mount battery designed for compatibility with a wide range of gear utilizing the V-Lock power system. This versatile power solution ensures seamless integration with various professional equipment, providing reliable and extended power for your photography and video needs. Experience convenience with our V-Mount battery, eliminating the need for a dedicated charger. With D-Tap or USB-C inputs for recharging, you have versatile options to power up your battery, offering flexibility and ease of use in various charging scenarios and locations.

High-Capacity Performance
Boasting a substantial 6700mAh capacity, our V-Mount battery delivers a robust 99Wh at 14.8V. This high-capacity lithium-ion battery ensures extended usage time, providing a dependable power source for your cameras, camcorders, monitors, smartphones, wireless video transmitters, tablets, and laptops. Rely on safe and consistent performance with the lithium-ion battery chemistry. With no memory effect, this V-Mount battery ensures reliable power delivery over its lifespan, providing peace of mind for demanding professional applications.

Intelligent LED Display:
Stay informed about your battery's status with the built-in LED display. Monitor remaining time, battery percentage, voltage indications, and the operational status of the USB-A and USB-C ports. This intelligent display ensures you are always aware of your power resources during critical shoots.

Multi-Port Connectivity and Bi-Directional Charging
Equipped with multiple ports this battery has two D-Tap ports. What is great about these, is their ability to be used as in or out points. Likewise, there are two USB options with both a USB-C and a USB-A port. Now you have two USB options making it far more likely you already have the right cable with you. The USB-A port is an out port, so you can use this as you would use any power bank. Your battery can charge your mobile phone, a DSLR or even recharge other batteries. The USB-C port is an in, or out port. This USB-C port functioning as an “in” means this battery does not need a dedicated and pricey charger to be bought in order to keep the battery operating. You will love this rapid 65W bi-directional fast charging with multi-protocol support (PD/QC/SCP/PPS/APPLE-2.4A, etc.). This advanced charging capability ensures quick and efficient power replenishment, supporting a variety of charging protocols for enhanced compatibility.

Airplane-Friendly Design
Travel hassle-free with our V-Mount battery, featuring a 99Wh capacity that complies with airline regulations for maximum power. Its easy transportability makes it the ideal companion for photographers and videographers on the move, ensuring you stay powered during your travels.

A superior battery with a built-in screen to keep you informed, ports to meet your every need. The ability to provide power or receive it without any additional equipment. Truly a battery with all the features and functions you could want. You wont go wrong with this K&F Concept V-Mount battery and its 1 year warranty.

Technical Specifications of the 99Wh V-Mount Battery
- Voltage: 14.8V
- Capacity: 6700mAh
- Watt hours: 99Wh
- Weight: 541g
- Dimensions: 73mm x 101mm x 52mm
- Battery Chemistry: Lithium-ion, for the best battery performance
- Warranty: 1 Years