K&F CF-Ultra-Light Photography Tripod with Monopod | KF09.077

A lightweight Carbon Fibre tripod, ideal for those busy days, ideal for the photographer on the go.

Main Features:

  • Beautifully crafted out of Carbon Fibre & Anodized Orange Aluminium Alloy
  • Sturdy & Solid 22mm Top Leg Tube
  • Very Useful Detachable Portable Monopod Leg
  • 25mm Precision Aluminium Ball Head with 7kg load capacity
  • Supplied with 2 handy Quick Release Baseplates with quarter inch Screws
  • Invertible Centre column for those Extreme Low Shots
  • Maximum Working Height of 152cm
  • 5 Stage Legs with Twist Lock system & Non-slip Rubber Feet
  • Leg Spread configurable between Three Angle Options via Anodized Leg Angle Locks
  • Spirit Level Bubble built into head for Quick & Accurate Adjustments
  • Precision – Locking Screws, Adjustment Knobs and Clips
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R2, 780 incl VAT

Awaiting Stock or Special Order

Awaiting Stock or Special Order


  • K&F 25mm Ball Head
  • 22mm Maximum Leg Tube Diameter
  • 10mm Minimum Leg Tube Diameter
  • Tripod Weight: 1Kg
  • Maximum Height: 152cm
  • Monopod Maximum Height: 158cm
  • Tripod Folded 35cm
  • Payload Capacity: 7Kg
  • Includes Quality Carry Bag with a quality Zip & Padded Shoulder Strap.


What's in the box:

  • K&F 25mm Ball Head
  • 2x Quick Release Baseplates
  • Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs with Monopod Attachment
  • Travel Tripod Bag with Shoulder Strap


The K&F Pro-Ultra-Light Carbon Fibre with Monopod Option - KF09.077

This lightweight, beautifully crafted Carbon Fibre tripod offers a range of great features at an excellent price. All knobs, locking screws and the ball head are made from aluminium increasing strength yet maintaining its light weight. It is packed with high end functionality and the most prominent being the Monopod function. By simply unscrewing a leg from the tripod you now have a handy super-light and portable monopod. The tripod head can then be attached to the monopod which give you the functionality of a ball head as well as the quick release of your camera when required. A Monopod is ideal when maximum manoeuvrability is required, like moving within crowds. It assists in stability when shooting which allows for lower shutter speed on long focal length lenses. A monopod also helps to relieve the weight of larger heavy lenses.

Many photographers avoid using a tripod as they find it cumbersome, heavy and a handful to manage. This photography tripod is an absolute pleasure to use and is designed to make your shooting experience a joy. At exactly 1 kilogram it is light yet super sturdy and strong, designed to be used on a daily basis.

This tripod is supplied with a solid 25mm ball head machined from aluminium alloy and anodized in K&F’s beautiful signature orange. A ball head is great when you are required to frame up a shot quickly, you can free the head, make the adjustment, and then lock your cameras in that position with little effort. This ball head can handle an impressive 7kg camera load which is more than most camera setups weigh. The head has a beautiful fluid-head action making for a smooth 360-degree pan for those beautiful panoramic shots. With handy degree markings on the head allowing for an accurate pan, good for landscape photography. The built-in spirit level on the ball head will quickly help with getting your camera perfectly horizontal when required.

As an added bonus, your K&F Photo Tripod comes with an extra quick release base plate, yes 2x Camera Plates. This is really handy if shooting with multiple camera bodies or wanting to mount a light on your tripod, or simply just having a spare camera plate in your K&F camera bag can save your day. The base plate can slide forwards or backwards to assist with better camera balance, however the plate is designed so that it cannot slide completely out protecting your camera from falling.

The KF09.077 photography tripod has 5 stage Carbon Fibre legs. They are extended through the twist-lock system allowing for a quick and secure height adjustment. The clever system does not allow the leg to turn when tightening, so with a few quick turns the legs are locked. With the centre column fully extended via an Aluminium twist lock knob, your camera can reach a very acceptable height of 152cm. This is what allows such a compact tripod to still achieve such good height.

The legs open out to give you a well-supported and stable shooting footprint. The pull clip at the top of the leg allows for a quick adjustment, choosing between 2 adjustable footprint settings. The legs also have the ability to open wide which allows the camera to get those very-low, close to the ground shots. This function comes in handy when shooting landscapes with low foreground or a reflection in a pond. Another brilliant feature of this tripod is you can invert the centre column to get the camera millimetres off the ground for that extreme low-level shot also very useful in macro photography.

At the base of the column is a hook which you can attach a sandbag, to keep your gear safe in windy or unstable conditions. This is also a great trick to stabilise your tripod even further. With all these features and the ability to extend to a good height, it is still able to fold down to a very manageable & compact carry length of only 35cm. Along with its well-padded stylish carry bag and shoulder strap, this all makes it an extremely manageable and easy to transport package.

PLEASE NOTE… K&F Tripods have full spares support in South Africa. Should you lose a locking knob or damage a tripod leg by accident, no stress, and no need to throw your tripod away, as you can get it repaired and up and running in no time. Everything you could want in a professional tripod can be found in this single package. If you are looking for an excellent tripod to last you many years, look no further than this quality-built K&F product