K&F X3 Protective Accessory Case for Camera Batteries and Cards | KF31.079

The ultimate accessory case offering 3 levels of protection for up to 28 digital accessories

Main Features:
– Can hold 4 SD cards, 2 CF cards or 2 XDQ cards and 6 Micro SD cards
– Can Hold 2 digital camera batteries or 8 slots for any combination of AA or AAA batteries
– Build in switches to indicate full or empty batteries
– Dedicated moulded slots to hold 20 to 28 digital camera accessories
– Durable ABS shell and thermoplastic moulded rubber lining
– 3 levels of protection, weather, crush and drop protection
– Weatherproof sealing, preventing water, dust and debris from getting in
– Moulded loop for attaching a carabiner so is case can clip to your camera bag

What’s in the box:
1 x X3 Accessory Case
1 x Carabiner

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R295 incl VAT

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One memory card case for ultimate peace of mind

With all the stresses associated with doing a shoot wouldn't it be nice to know your recording media is safe. This recording media case is designed to store and protect your digital media cards and Sim cards too. Offering three layers of protection and storing up to 29 media storage and SIM cards makes this a great addition for every photographer.

Recording Media Storage
This case is cleverly designed to be able to accommodate a variety of storage cards. The thermoplastic moulded rubber lining has specially designed and shaped holders to store each type. The fit stops inserted pieces from moving around or getting lost. There are 12 places to store micro SD cards (or TF cards) so your GoPro cameras needs will be well taken care of. There are 4 slots to store the ever popular SD cards, this will also of course work for micro SD adapter cards as well. There is even space for bigger cards. You can store the older CF cards or the newer XQD cards. There is space to house FOUR of these larger cards so you are able to use both slots for one type or mix it with one of each. In total this is a media storage case capable of housing 22 cards.

SIM Card Storage
Card cases have been common for many years due to their usefulness. But there are not many with the ability to also store SIM cards. With dedicated slots to securely store SIM cards, this feature sets the K&F case apart. SIM cards are so small they are ridiculously easy to lose, and a massive pain to get replaced. This K&F X2 Protective Memory Card Case also has dedicated storage slots for 2 Micro SIMs and 2 Nano SIMs as well. Imagine the peace of mind you can get knowing those tiny components are safely stored in this protective case.

3 Levels of Protection
This accessory case is made with a durable ABS shell. This hard outer case offers crush protection as it can withstand a large amount of force. The thermoplastic moulded rubber lining holds everything stored inside securely in place. The rubbery material offers shock protection especially in the event that the case is dropped. A snap lock closes the case and holds it shut. It also squeezes the cases silicone seal tightly closed. This ensures no water or dust is able to get in and damage what is stored inside. The case also has a moulded loop and includes a carabiner. Now you can physically attach your K&F X2 Protective Memory Card Case to your camera bag, so it can never fall out or get unintentionally separated.

Card Ejection Pin Tool
As this case excels in housing the small media and sim cards for electronic devices, it comes equipped with a Sim Card Ejection Pin tool. A slot running down the centre of the case comes complete with the tool most often used to eject the holder these cards are housed in. Most phones and tablets have a pin hole which needs something inserted into it so the tray is ejected. If you are trying to swap cards and are caught without something appropriate to do the job, you might find yourself stuck. This carry case has the tool stored inside to it is always at hand when you are trying to swop a sim or a memory card.

For excellent piece of mind store all your memory cards in the K&F X2 Protective Memory Card Case. All the small parts that go with your gear can be stored together in one case that offers a lot of protection. There is no photographer or videographer that could not benefit from this amazing storage device the hold and protects up to 29 digital memory cards or SIM Cards.

- Durable ABS shell
- thermoplastic moulded rubber lining
- Can hold 12 micro SD cards
- Can hold 4 SD cards
- Can hold 4 CF cards or 4 XDQ cards
- Dedicated moulded slots to hold 29 digital memory cards and SIM Cards
- Weatherproof
- Crushproof
- Drop Protection
- Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.1 x 2.2cm
- Weight: 80g