Lavalier Microphone Capsule LM-P01


Lapel mic compatible with most wireless microphone systems


  • Relacart Lavalier microphone LM-P01
  • Carry case pouch
  • Mic clip
  • Sponge Pop Shield

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23 in stock

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Broadcast quality audio from an affordable microphone. Use it to record audio when plugged into any recording device which accepts a 3.5mm mini jack input. It can be used in cameras, computers and audio recorders. It also makes a great replacement for lost or damaged radio lapel microphone capsules. It will work on Sennheiser, Rode, Sony, Saramonic or Boya transmitter units. It even has the locking 3.5mm connector used on many wireless transmitter packs.

It is a black and lightweight unit. A foam pop filter is included which softens vocal plosives and wind noise. There is a mic clip for discreetly attaching this lapel to clothing as well as small pouch included for storage and transport. The cable length is 120cm giving you freedom of movement and placement of the attached recorder or transmitter. The 3.5mm connector has a twistable locking thread to hold the connection securely in place.

The versatility and quality of this microphone ensure that it offers great value.



Model: Lm-P01

S/N: >65bd

Frequency Response: 50kHz-20KHz

Impedance: 2.2KΩ

Capsule Dimension: ø7.5 X 18mm

Sensitivity: -39dB ± 2dB (0dB=1Pa)

Directivity: Omnidirectional

Diameter of Cable: ø2mm