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  • Godox LEDP260C Bi-Color LED Light Panel
  • RC-A5 Remote Control
  • Stand Bracket Mount
  • AC Adapter


  • Color Temperature Range of 3300-5600K
  • Dimmable from 10-100%
  • CRI of 95, TLCI of 94
  • Wireless Adjustments via Included Remote
  • On-Board Control with LCD Panel
  • 30W Light
  • AC Adapter for Wired Power
  • or can run on Optional L-Series Batteries

In stock

In stock

LEDP260 LED Lighting Panel for Sale | Godox 30w Bi-colour

EDP260 LED Lighting Panel from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. Here is what Godox have to say about their light.

The LEDP260C Bi-Color LED Light Panel manufactured by Godox, is a slim and portable light. The large panel creates a soft light which is well-suited to small-scale video applications. This will do a great job at lighting faces, products or macro work. It has a variable colour temperature range from 3300K to 5600K. You can accurately match both tungsten and daylight light sources as it has high CRI and TLCI ratings of 95 and 94, respectively. The back of the panel has two buttons and a dial where adjustments can be made, and viewed on the on-board LCD situated on the back panel. You also have the option to make adjustments via the included wireless remote. The remote control operates at 433 MHz and allows for control over 16 channels in 6 groups.

The LEDP260C is rated to output up to 2200 lux at 0.5m with the colour temp at 5600K, and allows you to dim it to as low as 10%. At 30W, this is a very bright and yet efficient light source. For powering the panel, an AC adapter is included for connecting to a wall socket, while those looking to take the light out on the field can run it on two optional Sony L-series batteries.

Manufactured by Godox.

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