On Camera Microphone for DSLR Cameras MU1


Professional sound for vloggers, filmmakers, musicians and podcasters


  • Relacart unidirectional microphone MU1
  • Carry case with zipper
  • Suspension mount
  • Furry windshield
  • 3.5mm microphone output cable
  • 3.5mm dual channel output cable
  • 4x Replacement suspension bands

In stock

In stock

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This is the perfect tool if you want significantly better audio than your cameras inbuilt mic can provide. Use it for recording high-quality audio for video, interviews, recordings, and live broadcasts. Adding a professional quality microphone will significantly raise the overall audio quality of the videos which you are able to produce. It operates with a high-sensitivity electret capsule. its gun-type tube, which is made of aluminium, effectively resist RF interference signals.

It is unidirectional to help record the sounds you want and less of the background noise. You will be able to use it for indoors or outdoors as it comes with a furry windshield to block wind noise while recording outdoors. A great device for attaching to your DSLR camera, but it will work in smartphones, tablets, computers and any audio recording device with 3.5mm (mini jack) inputs.

The compact MU1 microphone has an aluminium housing, so it is durable and hard wearing. It comes with a suspension mount which floats the mic with rubber bands. This makes it less sensitive to handling noise, equipment vibration and bumps. There are additional replacement bands in the packaging so you have spares. The suspension mount has a hotshoe foot which will hold the unit in place on top of your camera. Alternatively, there is a threaded hole in the foot should you want to use that for mounting the microphone.

There are also two cables for connecting the mic to your chosen recording device. One is a typical microphone output cable, suitable for video cameras, camcorders, recorders and other audio or video recording equipment. The other is a dual channel output cable suitable for smartphone, tablet or Mac connections. It is very easy to use as it runs on plug-in power and has no controls or switches. The MU1 is a simple and reliable microphone ideal for mobile journalists, vloggers, and run-and-gun shooters.